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I Am Done Following Your Path, I Am Writing My Own Story Now
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I Am Done Following Your Path, I Am Writing My Own Story Now

I Am Done Following Your Path, I Am Writing My Own Story Now She Rose Revolution

From the moment you are born, there are a set number of rules for you. Things that you are told to do and with the added pressure of doing them well.

Go to school, make friends, finish school, learn to drive, go to university, get a degree, get a job, get a house, get married, have kids and grow old.

But when it’s all said and done and you look back on everything, what can you say you did for yourself?

We do so much for others; and sadly, we even live our own lives for others. But it’s tiring living a life for someone else.

One of the most heart-breaking things is when you realise you have stopped enjoying the life you have. That everyday has just become a routine that does not even benefit you, and is only for the benefit of others. You have stopped living life for yourself and your happiness. and are solely focused on making others happy.

I’m writing to whoever is reading this and feeling tired.

This is for those who have stopped enjoying life, those who have forgotten that their lives are theirs and theirs alone. This for those who have given so much to others, and have nothing left for themselves. This, in a way, is also for me.

Allow these words to be a reminder, or even just permission. A reminder that you matter just as much as everyone else; and permission to be who you are without someone having a say in what makes you happy. This is permission to tap into who you truly are.

And so, this is my letter of resignation; a letter of notice to say I am quitting.

I am finished with following people’s ideas and I am making my own. I am done following the footsteps of others and remembering that I have my own path to follow. This is me deciding to create something that belongs to me and only to me.

I’m allowing myself to be free of what other people think, and saying no to those who want to write my story for me. I will give you a foreword, an afterword, an epilogue, a prologue and a word of thanks and acknowledgement; but the main story is ultimately mine to write.

This is a selfish decision because for once in my life, I am making a choice for me and so should you. The world will tell you you are wrong for thinking about yourself over others, and yet, you have been doing it your whole life.

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The thing is, I am tired. And if you are reading this, there might be a part of you that feels the same way, or even less, or maybe even not at all but you are looking for something.

I hope this is your something.

I hope this is the thing that reminds you that you have a life to live that is your own, and that life is not over for you.

Find yourself in these words; find the thing that sets your soul on fire.

I do not want to leave this world tired. I want to leave this world alive.