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This Woman Remembers
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This Woman Remembers

This Woman Remembers She Rose Revolution

This woman remembers.

Oh yes, this woman remembers.

This woman remembers discovering and daring to use her divine feminine gifts for healing, growing, and creating miracles in this wondrous world.

She remembers being in sacred circle with her sisters. A circle of love, sharing, and healing; bound with generations of wisdom. A feeling of spaciousness, and being softly held and supported .

And she remembers standing fully and wholly in her power. Nobody could take it from her – not unless she chose to give it away.

This woman remembers feeling in sync with her womb wisdom, and her well of intuition. Nothing more than a knowing, but a knowing was everything.

She remembers running wild and free through lush meadows, dewy forests, and bathing in marvelous oceans. Feet rooted firmly on the earth, rising upwards, connected to Her.

She remembers nights of raw, explosive passion underneath the stars; as she wrapped her naked self in pleasure, and gave herself permission to indulge in every moment of it.

And she remembers a blanket of safety cocooning her, always. She did not fear the dark of the night, she embraced it. She did not fear strangers, she welcomed them. And she did not fear the unknown, she relished it.

This woman remembers rising, and speaking her truth.

She has a story to tell, woven with golden threads of feminine wisdom, and everywhere people would gather to listen.

She remembers many a dark night, bathing for hours under the mysterious moonlight. Not knowing why, but honoring her inner desire to journey between the worlds.

She remembers meeting her shadows. Shining a light on her monsters, ever pushing her boundaries, and seeing how close she could walk to the edge.

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This woman remembers living in blissful harmony. A time when us humans were deeply connected to the land, and to one another. A time when women were valued and honored for their magical nature, and a time when her vulnerability was admired, and her intuition was warmly welcomed.

This woman remembers when she was tapped into her creative powers. She would spill her heartbeats into words on a page. She would tango and salsa, feeling into every inch of her beautiful body, allowing the music to entrance her. And she would sing harmonies of beaming sunlight and joy. She would lovingly turn the fruits of the land into delicious, abundant spreads for her table.

Life force filled and flowed through her veins, and she felt what it means to truly be alive.

This woman remembers.

Oh yes, this woman remembers.

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