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Feng Shui Your Desk For More Success, Wealth & Peace At Work

feng shui your desk

Have you ever wandered how to feng shui your desk, and how this can bring you more success, wealth, and harmony at work?

What is feng shui?

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway) is an ancient Chinese practice, dating back thousands of years. The words translate to “wind” and “water;” wind symbolising our breath, while water symbolises our body.

It’s one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, and is largely based on the invisible force of energy, or qi (pronounced “chi”).

This life force energy is what we are all made of. It’s what binds the earth, the stars, and the universe together. Feng shui is the practice of harnessing these energy forces around us, and working with them instead of against them. When we do this, we’re able to create harmony, prosperity and positivity in all areas of our life.

How does feng shui work?

The way objects are placed in a room, as well as what those objects are, can either promote the flow of qi, or block it. When qi is flowing, we’re likely to feel more positive and inspired.

If we bring this down a notch from an energetic level to a physical one, feng shui is a powerful tool to help you feel more comfortable at work; whether you have your own cubicle, office, desk, or you work from a room in your home.

We all know that offices can often feel like sterile, dreary, and stagnant spaces. And the majority of us spend so much time at work. Our surroundings have a profound effect on us whether we realise it or not; on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. So what your desk space or office looks like matters, and can influence your life on subtle levels.

If you’re looking to create a more comfortable, inspiring work space, that helps you find your way to more success, wealth, and happiness, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s how to feng shui your desk for more success, wealth & peace at work

1. Get acquainted with the Bagua Map

Bagua Map feng shui

The Bagua Map (illustrated above) is a grid comprised of nine different sections, or parts. Each section represents a different area of a person’s life, while the position it is placed in represents the area or direction that aligns with that sector. Each area also has its own colour and element, which can be subtly woven in to the objects you choose to place in that area.

This map can apply to a large area such as your home, or (in this case) a smaller area like your office or desk.

Here’s how it works. Wealth & prosperity can be found at the back left corner of the map. That means the back left corner of your desk or office should be devoted to objects that remind you of prosperity, money, and abundance.

It can be a little overwhelming to try and work with all nine sections at once. So, I would recommend you choose three or four areas of your life that could do with a boost of energy, and begin here.

And the golden rule is, don’t go overboard and fill your desk with stuff, because you’re trying to check all boxes. This is not the goal. The goal is more harmony and synchronicity. When it comes to your desk, aim for keeping half of it completely clear of stuff at all times.

Wealth and Prosperity

Element: Wood

Colour: Purple

As we just touched on, this space is devoted to wealth and prosperity. This is the space for attracting more money and abundance into your life.

This is a lovely place for a plant, or a fresh bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase, particularly because it ties in the element of wood. You might also place a money jar or box here, or anything else that makes you feel abundant.

This is key when it comes to selecting any objects for your desk, or your home: they should be meaningful to you. It doesn’t really matter what I say, or what anyone else says; allow your intuition to guide you when choosing what to place here.

Fame and Reputation

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

The centre back spot is dedicated to fame and your reputation.

You might keep any awards, certificates, or trophies here to remind you of your success so far; photos of your accomplishments work well, too. This is also a good place to keep business cards.

Love and Relationships

Element: Earth

Colour: Pink

The far right corner is for love and relationships.

If you’re single, then think about the kind of love you want to attract into your life, and choose an object that represents this. When I created my intention board at the beginning of 2016, I placed a picture of two panda bears cuddling up to represent the relationship I wanted to bring into my life. You might opt for something similar, or maybe a single flower, or something heart shaped.

Pairs of things work well in this section; like a pair of bird figurines, or butterflies.

If you already have a romantic relationship, you might want to place a photo of the two of you here. If you have a family, then a photo of everyone can fill this space wonderfully.

When it comes to your home, the family section usually occupies the left centre space; but when it comes to feng shui-ing your desk, the sections are slightly different to align with work and business.

Growth, Teamwork & Community

Element: Wood

Colour: Green

As mentioned above, this section is usually dedicated to family and community, but becomes the space for growth, teamwork, and community when feng shui-ing your desk.

This is a great space to put a reminder of any new or current projects you’re currently focused on. You could also put your goals or intentions here, which represent where you want to grow over the coming weeks and months. An object that reminds you of unity and the importance of collaboration would also fit this space well.


Element: Earth

Colour: Yellow

The centre of your desk space is devoted to health. This tends to be an area many of us ignore or overlook completely while at work. We over-work, we don’t move our bodies, we eat poorly, and we feel stressed and anxious.

Keep the centre area of your desk free of clutter, as a reminder to take care of yourself and your health.

Take regular breaks from your screen every twenty minutes if possible, and stretch your legs. You might place a bottle of water here to remind you to stay hydrated, or something that makes you feel calm and centred.


Element: Metal

Colour: White

When feng shui-ing your desk, the right centre is for boosting creativity.

You might want to keep a blank journal or sketchbook or notepad here, to write or doodle ideas as and when they find you.

The element for this space is metal, so some kind of metal object or ornament could work well here, too. Allow yourself to be creative, and choose something that reminds you to play and experiment.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Element: Earth

Colour: Blue

The front left corner of your desk is a space for knowledge and wisdom.

You might keep a book here, or print out an inspiring quote or piece of wisdom. If there’s something you want to learn more about, you could also make reference to that through a particular object.

Career & Business Journey

Element: Water

Colour: Black

The front centre of the desk is where you will usually sit, and this is the space for your career and business journey. Anything that symbolises where you want to go and grow in your career or business will be best placed here.

Since many of us find our computer keyboards are usually here for ease of access, you might want to tape an affirmation or goal across the top of it.

As always, keep the space clutter free.

Helpful People and Travel

Element: Metal

Colour: Silver/Grey

The front right of your desk is for travel, friends, and people.

If you must have your phone on the desk, then this is a good place for it; along with an address book if you have one.

Is there a city or place you’ve been dreaming of visiting, or an adventure you’re eager to embark on? A picture of it, or a travel guide, or something else you associate with that experience can be placed here to remind you of it, and help you manifest it.

This is a succinct explanation and guide to working with the Bagua Map when feng shui-ing your desk or office. But it’s just one of many ways to work with feng shui—let’s explore some of the other main principles below.

2. Tidy your desk each day

One of the basics of feng shui is removing clutter. So that means giving your desk or office a good clean before you start adding more objects to your space.

Many of us keep so much crap on and in our desks. Old paperwork, food wrappers, stationary we don’t need, and who knows what else. Get rid of anything you don’t need today. Be ruthless!

The next step is to organise everything that you need to keep. Use folders, a desk tray, or your drawers, along with colour coding to help you with this. Do it in a way that makes sense to you, and makes your day-to-day life easier.

Try and give your space a thorough clean once a week if possible, to clear out any stagnant energy. And each night before you leave, tidy up so everything is organised and fresh ready for you the next morning.

Having a clean, organised desk free of clutter will help you feel more spacious, focused, and in control.

3. Be with nature

We aren’t all lucky enough to work next to a window or some other kind of natural light. But there are other ways to bring nature into our workspace.

Plants are your best friend—at work and at home, too.

Just one on your desk can make the world of difference. Plants help us breathe, and just make us feel better.

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Opt for an indoor plant that does well under fluorescent lighting, and doesn’t require too much care. A money tree is a perfect choice, and will also help you welcome more abundance into your world.

4. Move your desk so it’s facing the entrance

This one’s tricky because you might not have the luxury of moving your desk at all.

But if possible, try and position it so it’s facing the entrance of your office. If you have your own office, then this is easy to do, and a must for helping the flow of energy.

This puts you in a strong, commanding position. You’re facing and open to all the possibilities that want to come to you.

Plus, you can see who’s coming towards you, and not have to worry about anyone sneaking up and surprising you from behind!

5. Make your desk, cubicle, or office feel like home

Personally, I think the greatest gift of feng shui-ing your desk is making your work space feel like a home away from home. Like I said, we spend so much of our day at work, so it’s important to feel happy and comfortable when we’re there.

So when working with the Bagua Map above, and choosing what to place on your desk or around you, make sure those things bring you joy.

A soft throw or cushion on your chair could help create a cosy vibe. Pictures of your loved ones may brighten up your desk and remind you that you are loved. A framed, inspiring print might be the motivation or confidence you need to work a little harder and go after that promotion, or take that next step in your business.

Think about what’s currently missing from your work space. Do you need more motivation? Do you need to try and relax, and decrease stress? Or do you need to be mindful of the abundance that is already in your life today?

Figure out what you need most, and harness the power of your work space to give this to yourself.

6. Regularly switch things up to reflect who you are, and where you want to grow

As people, we are constantly changing and evolving. Our wants and needs transform over time. Who you were last year no longer matches who you are today. And that’s beautiful.

But it’s important that your work space reflect this growth that you go through.

Check in with yourself regularly, and ask yourself:

  • What do I want more of in my life?
  • What do I want to let go of?
  • Where do I want to grow?
  • What is my soul purpose?
  • What does success look and feel like to me?

Your answers to these questions will constantly be changing, as you do. So don’t be afraid to make changes to your desk or office to reflect this.

7. Bring awareness to your own energy

Bringing the ancient practice of feng shui to your desk is a beautiful way to help give your space an energy boost, and welcome in positive vibrations.

But remember, you are full of energy too. That energy can be negative or positive, and you are largely in control of that.

What do you spend most your time thinking about? Do you think small, limiting, negative thoughts? Or do you think grand, empowering, and expansive thoughts that lift you up?

Make a point of regularly checking in with yourself throughout the day. Ask yourself how you’re feeling. And if you’re not feeling good, make a choice to change that.

Maybe you need to ask for help with a task, shift your perspective, or just leave your desk and make a cup of tea and reset.

Because when you feel positive and centred and at peace, you will bring that energy into your work space, and to the people around you.

When we connect more deeply to ourselves and the space around us, we’re able to bridge our inner and outer worlds together. This is the heart of feng shui.

The idea that everything and everyone are interconnected, and everything is alive; bursting with energy.

There is reason behind the things we are drawn to, and there is magic in all that we’ve come to see as ordinary.

Welcome to the wonderful practice of feng shui.