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I Wish You Could See What I See
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I Wish You Could See What I See

I Wish You Could See What I See-She Rose Revolution

I wish you could see what I see.

I wish I could press a button, and share the images and words in my brain with yours.

Because then you’d see what I see.

You would see a woman who is made of magic and stardust. A woman who is pure, infinite potential. A woman who is bold and brilliant and daring, and refuses to be labelled or restricted. She flows with the moon, embraces her feminine gifts, and leads with her heart.

You would see a woman who is doing her best. A woman who wakes up each day and challenges herself to be better than yesterday. A woman who never settles for less than she knows she can be. And this woman fails sometimes. She makes mistakes, the way we all do. And the growing pains can be blinding. But she doesn’t allow these to break her, or stop her from trying again. She knows these failures and mistakes are challenges sent from the universe; and in these challenges, there is always expansion and growth.

You would see a woman who is wildly unique. A woman with her own voce, her own mind, and her own style. A woman with her own shape, her own colour, and her own beauty. And this is why she’s so captivating. The very things she’s most insecure about, or afraid of, are the things that make her divine.

I can feel your beauty. Others can feel it too.

You would see a woman who is both fire and grace. She is fierce like the relentless flames when she needs to be, but always rooted peacefully where she stands, like an ancient, unwavering tree. She allows her rage to rise and be met, never swallowing her emotions. But she has her own fears, like we all do. She has demons and traumas and memories she’s still working through, and healing from. And she knows it is these that make her the woman she is today. It is all of these experiences, both the good and the bad that have shaped her. And for this, she is thankful.

You would see a woman who is making a difference. Even when she doesn’t realise it. Because the small acts and steps she takes each day are rippling into the people around her, and our wider collective. She shows up authentically, and encourages others to take off their masks. She is honest with her struggles and her battles, and gives people the strength to fight their own. And she is kind, she is caring, she is loving. She is the woman she came here to be.

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I wish you could see all your strength and beauty and intelligence and your magnificent light.

I wish you could see what I see—a perfectly imperfect human being. A woman who is here in this time for a reason. A reason she perhaps is yet to discover. But she is here because she is meant to be here, and our world is a brighter place for it.

Can you see what I see?