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Our Problems Are Some Of Our Greatest Teachers
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Our Problems Are Some Of Our Greatest Teachers

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I want you to know you are bigger than your problems.

You are bigger than all the challenges you face, the obstacles you meet, and the curve balls life continues to throw your way. You are stronger than the force of any problem, worry, or fear hovering in your mind. And you are wiser than any setback; any piece of seemingly bad news.

Challenges and obstacles will continue to come your way; no matter who you are, who you know, and how much money you make. Because challenge does not care who you are. The universe does not care who you are, where you live, or how many zeros there are in your bank account. Because you found your way to earth in this time. You’re here. Your soul is here. And your soul needs stretching, the same way your muscles do. Because when we don’t stretch ourselves, we grow stagnant, out of practice, and more fearful of what’s to come. But when we do; we learn, we evolve, and we’re able to fully receive what she was trying to gift us all along.

I need you to know there is no problem sitting at your feet, or knocking down your door, that is bigger than you.

There is no problem you cannot solve, work your way through, or move beyond. So remember this next time. Next time you feel small or weak or inferior next to the worries and fears and obstacles that plague you. Because we’ve all been there. We all know that feeling of smallness. And we all know, deep down, that this is not who we are. We are greater than this. Trust me, you are greater than this.

It’s difficult to see problems as friends. They often pull us out of happiness into doubt and fear. They kick us when we’re already down. And they disturb the peace, and fuck everything up. But problems are not here to be our friends. They are here to be our teachers.

And the obstacles that greet us every day are some of our greatest teachers. There is no problem that is not trying to teach you something. To guide you to something better. To show you who you really are, and how you’re bursting with infinite potential. Or to push you out of your comfort zone into greatness.

Everything you want is waiting for you patiently, on the other side of your problems. On the other side of doubt, fear, and lack. But you have to go through it. You have to grow through it. Because this is what shapes you into the person who is ready to receive all she wants; all she’s dreaming of and striving for.

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But remember, even when you get everything you hoped for, still, the problems will come. Bigger and bolder problems, ready to test the bigger and bolder you. This is life. This is the way. And this is why you need to realise that you are bigger than all of your problems, today.

So I invite you to meet them, face them, and even love them. Recognise that they are not you, nor do they belong to you. They are merely a lesson, filled with much learning, growth, and wisdom.

And you are bigger than all of them. Because you, my love, are made of magic and stardust. You are bursting with infinite potential.

And I can’t wait to see it.