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The World Will Rise When Women Do
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The World Will Rise When Women Do

The World Will Rise When Women Do - She Rose Revolution

Women continue to be oppressed and kept from basic human rights around the world. Even in seemingly “progressive” countries like North America, the gender gap is clear.

And it’s debilitating to think about.

But I do find it somewhat funny that certain men, and women, are so vocally against feminism. It’s as if by keeping one group of the population down, they believe they will remain dominant.

By denying women equal pay, they think they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. By continuing to sexualise and objectify women, they think they’re ensuring women will know their place; be willing to succumb to the male gaze, and quench man’s insatiable thirst. By controlling our bodies and limiting our choices, they think they’re ensuring we choose what they want us to; which is marriage, and children.

Everyone lives happily ever after.

And it’s funny. It’s funny that they like to say we have too many right already, and that we’re getting out of control, and are solely responsible for the destruction of modern society. A patriarchal society which has never benefitted women (or men), and never will.

Some men are scared of the world changing, of women rising, because they think they’re all-mighty and powerful today; the definition of what it means to be a man. Any threat to their power is a threat to themselves and all they’ve ever known.

And that’s terrifying I’m sure.

What these men don’t realise is they are not living even half of what it means to be a man. They are falling incredibly short of all they could be; living a small, sheltered version of manhood, which society now celebrates.

They don’t talk about their feelings, they refuse to cry, and they use smaller people as punching bags for their sequential frustration and rage. They disrespect and degrade women, because this is what they’ve learned. This is what they’ve been born into. This is what they believe is right.

They believe this is what it means to be a man. Power, control, gratification. At all costs; and usually, we pay the price as women.

It’s funny there are so many people putting themselves in the way of equality. It’s funny, because they cannot see they are only standing in their own way. Keeping one half of the population down and disempowered does not serve any of us. It keeps us from growing, evolving, and uniting as a world.

The inequality that you perpetuate will only harm your friends, your family, and the children you give life to.

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The injustices that you allow to go on unspoken about, will only create fractures and divisions and revolts.

The women you use and abuse, will carry that pain and rage with them for lifetimes; fuelling the fire of the divine feminine as she rises.

Inequality and oppression either directly or inadvertently effects you, but you will never escape from it untouched. Because, what many of us fail to understand is, we are a collective. We are one. And we have come here to exist on this planet together, in this lifetime.

What happens to me, effects you. What happens to her, effects him.

There is an invisible red thread that weaves us all together, in one giant web. If one string is cut, we all fall. But if those strings are tended to and nourished and multiplied, we all rise.

The world will rise when women do. Help us rise, or we all fall.