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This Is My Wish For You Next Year
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This Is My Wish For You Next Year

Next year, I hope you live a life of gratitude.

I hope you wake up each day and say thank you for it all. Your breath, your body, your home, and the people you love who fill it with warmth. I hope you remind yourself constantly how lucky you are for all you already have, and that you change your frequency to one of abundance instead of lack. I hope you pay attention to the small things, and the bigger things; and give thanks for them in equal measure, not taking a single one for granted. And I hope you don’t drift off to sleep until you’ve found at least one thing to be grateful for in your life. Because, when you think about it, life is probably really good. We just don’t think about the good enough.

Next year, I hope you find the courage to put yourself first.

I hope you find the courage to say no to the things that drain and bleed you, without worrying about how your no is received. Because your health and happiness matter. And it’s okay to put yourself first, and make yourself a priority. This is your life. I hope you find the strength to say yes to all that you seek out there. A new job, your own business, a partner, a great adventure, or a new city to call home. Because no matter how big this thing is, if it’s what you want in your heart and your soul, then it is meant to be yours. Trust that. Embody this truth. And let it reassure you as you walk the path toward your deepest desires.

Next year, I hope you give yourself permission to slow down.

To take a breath of fresh air, often. To pause when you need some space to think and feel. And to slow down, even when it feels like the world around you is constantly speeding up. I hope you let go of the belief that you need to live life at a hundred miles an hour, and do more and be more and have more. Next year, I hope you choose to live life at your own pace. That you trust your inner voice, and allow her to guide you on your journey. And you stop looking around at where other people are on theirs. Because this is nothing to do with you. It does not effect you. Don’t waste precious energy on thoughts that do not empower you.

Next year, I hope you embody the belief that you are enough.

I hope you remind yourself of your strengths and your beauty and your gifts, daily. I hope you choose to focus on all that you are, instead of all that you are not. All those things you’ve convinced yourself matter, don’t. Sizes, weight, height, shape, colour… these surface level things do not define your worth. And whenever you find yourself feeling less than, I hope you can remind yourself that you are enough, exactly the way you are in this moment.

Next year, I hope you start embracing your unique talents and magic, instead of wishing you had someone else’s. Because this is why you’re here. Your gifts will help you walk your soul path, the path you came here in this lifetime to experience. Everything you need is already yours.

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Next year, I hope that you live.

I mean really live. I hope you don’t let doubts or fears get in the way of you pursuing your biggest dreams. And I hope you don’t allow yourself to slip into what feels comfortable and safe, and never explore what awaits you at the edge. Because when you embrace what feels uncomfortable, you will grow. And when you continue to grow each day, you get a little closer to reaching the highest evolution of your soul. If you’ve ever wondered what the meaning of life is, this is it, right here. Evolving and reaching your highest potential, which is limitless.

Next year, I hope you treat each day as if it’s your last, without looking back to your past, or worrying about the future. I hope you make time to do what brings you joy and pleasure and fills your heart. I hope you take calculated risks and confront your shadows and live your life as though it were meant on purpose. Because it is.

This is my wish for you next year.