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Would You Choose To Be Female? Fuck Yes, I Would
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Would You Choose To Be Female? Fuck Yes, I Would

would you choose to be female

“I enjoy being a woman, but, would you choose to be a female?”

That’s part of the heated comment she left me on one of my Instagram posts; after I shared the controversial words, “God used to be a woman.”

I was furious, which turned to confusion, then to a deep sadness in my heart.

Why would anyone ask a question like that, to anyone, male or female?

Her question informed me that given the choice, she would choose to be a man. Not for reasons of feeling like she has been born into the wrong body, but because she sees women as inferior; lesser than men.

Beliefs like that aren’t formed independently by children growing up. They are learned; from parents, religious figures, and society.

Some of us are free thinking enough to let go of beliefs we inherited that don’t align with us anymore as we get older. We choose and create new ones that feel supportive and loving.

But some of us don’t. Because some of us aren’t even aware that we’re carrying someone else’s beliefs around with us. We’ve mistaken opinions for facts, and live our entire lives based on these lies.

The woman in question obviously doesn’t enjoy being a woman enough to want to still be a woman, given the choice. I can only imagine that’s because of the lies she’s been taught about men and women throughout her life. Because of the experiences she has had as a girl and woman.

Although I find it incredibly difficult to bite my lip in situations like this, I have come to realise over the years that nobody will hear what they’re not ready to hear; which means my words, my rage, and my passion fall on deaf ears.

But in case you’re wondering, my answer is yes.

Would you choose to be female?

Fuck yes, I would. 

In a heartbeat.

Despite all the inequality and patriarchal structures that we continue to battle against every day, I love being a woman. Every day, I learn to love it a little more.

I’m sorry that you don’t; that this is not your truth, but perhaps it’s because you haven’t yet learned what I have. You don’t feel what I feel. Because you’re not ready to, yet.

And maybe you will never be ready for that in this lifetime. Who knows.

But here’s what I do know.

I know that the very things that some view as a burden of being a woman—like periods, and giving birth—are actually some of the greatest gifts any human gets to experience in this world.

Living in flow with the moon and her cycle, which mirrors our own sacred 29 day cycle. You bleed for six days every month, and you don’t die. How incredible is that?

Growing a tiny human in our womb; a portal to the unseen world and endless wisdom; and creating life.

Is it painful? Yes.

Is it pure magic? Yes.

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It’s not about being a reproducing machine, and existing solely here to continue the human race. It’s about nurturing that seedling, tending and nourishing, and watching them grow.

This is motherhood. And this can only be experienced by women.

The Creatrix is alive within your bones. Creative energy flows through your blood, and is present in everything you do.

When you take a walk amongst nature, cook a meal using ingredients from the earth, or take pen to paper. When you sing in the shower, rub lotion into your delicate skin, and dress yourself each morning.

She is there.

This is the joy and beauty of being a woman.

I know that if you were born a woman in this time, you’re here to be a part of the rising feminine. You are here to break down the chains that have bound us for far too long, and rise, sister, rise.

You see, the oppression and misogyny you’ve known your whole life is not a reflection on womanhood; rather a reflection on the blinding flaws of a patriarchal society. And you, just like me, are here to restore balance and harmony, by reclaiming the divine feminine within yourself, and within the wider world.

By reclaiming all that was lost; all that used to be.

And she will rise, whether you join the movement or not. Whether you learn to love being a woman, or not.

So perhaps the question is not, would you choose to be female? Rather, if you had the chance to choose differently, why would you?

Why would you turn your back on all of these gifts, all of the wisdom, and all of the potent power that comes with being a woman?