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Your Soul Path Is Not The Easiest Path, But It’s The Most Empowering

Your Soul Path Is Not The Easiest Path, But It's The Most Empowering She Rose Revolution

I speak to a lot of women who are in a period of great transition in their lives.

They’ve just quit their job, and are seeking a career change.

They’ve gotten out of a lengthy relationship, and are learning to find comfort in their own skin.

Or they’ve just started their own business, and are adjusting to the many new challenges (and rewards) this brings.

Naturally, they find it difficult. They’ve left behind a life of comfort, and everything they’ve ever known for years. They’ve followed their intuition, and walked out through the gate of the garden they’d been confined in, and have found themselves in the middle of the wild forest.

The path they’ve chosen to walk down is tricky to see clearly, and filled with twists and turns and hurdles. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like they’ve moving forward; but instead, going in circles, or back on themselves. Everything is new, there’s so much to take in and explore; it can be overwhelming.

And this can leave many of us wanting to turn back around; back into the safety and familiarity of the garden. It’s warm and cosy there. We know exactly what we need to do, and when. Life is comfortable here.

But it doesn’t make us feel alive. I mean, truly alive.

That’s why we left; we had to. Because mediocre and ordinary weren’t enough to fill our heart. Good enough just wasn’t good enough. We seek magic, and adventure, and the extraordinary.

Following your intuition, and allowing her to guide you, is life-changing. It’s empowering. Almost as though you have an old, wise woman in your heart, telling you exactly what you need to hear, and when. A sixth sense that enables you to make informed choices, that you know are aligned with your soul, and where you want to grow.

Note that I said you get what you need, not what you necessarily want.

You might want an easy life, that feels safe and familiar and comfortable. A life where what you want to happen happens, and you don’t have to devote all your time and energy, or endure friction in getting there.

But following your intuition, your soul path, is not always the easiest path.

In fact, it’s usually the more challenging one; particularly in the beginning.

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Everything feels rocky. You’re pushing and prodding at your own self-imposed limits. Beliefs you’ve had for years are questioned, broken down, and have to be replaced with new ones. Ones that support and align with the person you’re becoming.

Money isn’t flowing in, or you’re hearing more no’s than yes’s, or you fail spectacularly at something. And you wonder if perhaps you made the wrong choice. Perhaps you should’ve stayed in the garden, instead of venturing into the wild.

Because you feel out of your depth, or completely and utterly lost.

Your soul path will not always be the easiest path to travel down, but it will give you the experiences and energy you need for your highest evolution. Every lesson, every obstacle, and every bit of growth is shaping and moving you toward your highest calling.

Remember, it’s thousands of years of pressure that makes the diamond.

That energy is being channelled into something. Something you can’t quite see or understand yet, but awaits you on the horizon. You won’t be able to receive those gifts unless you commit fully to this journey, and your growth. Because this is what you came here to learn, to do, and to be.

The path of your soul may not be the easiest path to take. I know this all too well. But trust me when I say it will always be the most empowering one.