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You Are Destined For More Than This
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You Are Destined For More Than This

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It is painfully easy in this day and age to become enveloped in comparison, diet culture, and body negativity.

How can we not get stuck in these? They are everywhere.

Influenced by social media, marketing and ads. Taught to us in sports and school. And shown to us by our peers and mentors.

But comparison, and the desire to change our bodies to meet unrealistic standards, is damaging. So I ask, please remember that you are destined for more.

You are destined for more than scrolling through Instagram and deciding she is more beautiful than you.

You are destined for more than doing double takes in a mirror, so that you can pick apart every inch of your skin and decide what you don’t like.

And you are destined for more than counting calories and dieting.

You are destined for more than crying yourself to sleep because you wish you were her.

You are destined for more than countless anxious hours fighting with yourself about what to wear out tomorrow night.

And you were destined for more than skipping meals and running extra miles because you ate bread yesterday.

My dear, you were destined to create, to live wildly, and to speak genuinely. You were destined to wake up every day and put on clothes that you, not society, decide make you beautiful. You were destined to recognise that your beauty falls much deeper than the size of your legs or your stomach. To recognise that your beauty lies within each corner of your strong heart and powerful mind.

You were destined to be known for the way you’re dedicated to your craft and for the passions that you have. You were destined to be loved for the way you take the long way home, just so you can listen to your favourite song; or the way you chase the sunset on a Saturday night.

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You were destined to go out with your friends on Fridays and enjoy a few drinks. And to wake up the next morning to a frosting loaded cinnamon roll for breakfast. You were destined to spontaneously go to your favourite restaurant with your best friend and order the tastiest meal on the menu. Because, although society tells us we need to eat a certain way, if you’ve been craving a juicy burger all week, then a juicy burger is what you should have.

Most importantly, you were destined to be you.

You were not put on this earth to compare yourself to another person in hopes that you can become more like them. You were put on this earth to live out your own truth and pave out your own life. And you were put on this planet to love and to be loved. Not for your size, your shape, your colour, your style, or your appearance.

You were put on this earth to be loved for who you are down to your core.

Comparison, dieting, picking apart your body, and counting calories cannot change who you were really meant to share with this world. And that person was never intended to be changed when they were put on this earth.