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Open Your Heart To A Timeless Love, And It Will Find You
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Open Your Heart To A Timeless Love, And It Will Find You

Open Your Heart To A Timeless Love, And It Will Find You - She Rose Revolution

Don’t allow the pain of your last love to harden you.

There is so much strength in vulnerability.

Let its remnants leave you softer and wiser, with a hyper-awareness of your own longings. Let your history of heartache be your compass, and teach you to love yourself with as great a force as you would for another. Learn to identify all that you won’t settle for so you can crystalize a love you truly crave and undoubtedly deserve; a love that rouses your soul and melts your heart. A love that grows old but still possesses a child-like innocence.

You must remain open. So that you can experience an unbounded love flooded with passion. One that is as real as it is rare. A love that yearns to understand your spirit and will patiently stand by until you’re ready to unravel.

You must keep your heart slightly ajar so that you can collide with a love that gently squeezes your hand when it needs reassurance. A love that coaxes out your brightest light and your deepest belly-laughs. A love that finds beauty in a reflection you once mistook as flawed. One that withers your shortcomings and rekindles your merits, without judgment or ulterior motives.

It won’t arrive with you watching. Nor will it arrive according to your timeline. But it will be worth the wait, the confusion, the hurt that lead up to it. Because it will be the type of love that your younger self crafted in a fantasy world full of dungeons, dragons, knights and fair ladies. A love that beats the odds and swells with every passing day.

This love will be worth the wait because it will be timeless. Because it will challenge you but never leave you behind. It will be selfless. Faithful. And unconditional. It will fight for you until death and sacrifice everything; even if it means not getting to be with you in the end. This type of love will keep your mind flickering all night, for it won’t want sleep when life is infinitely better than your dreams. And then it will all make sense why you had to focus on the journey of your own love before you could find it with someone else.

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It will all finally make sense, I promise.

Just keep going. Keep living. And one day, when you least expect it, it will find you.