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Heal In Your Own Time
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Heal In Your Own Time

Heal In Your Own Time

The world won’t stop because you got hurt is not just a cliché, it’s a way of life.

It takes a lot of time to heal. You might feel like your world is ending because you are in pain, but it won’t. If heartbreaks don’t stop people from taking the risk of falling in love a couple of times more, why would yours make you?

Time is every hurting person’s ally. Healing takes time, we grow in every clock’s tick-tock.

It is okay to tell yourself that you’re done and over with the drama and the trauma this failed relationship gave you, maybe for a day or two. Yet it’s also fine to go through this dramatic and traumatic phase again after days of convincing yourself that you’ve moved on.

It is still okay to cry because you suddenly remembered the person from something you saw, in an event, a place, from people you encounter, a picture perhaps, in a perfume which drifted your thoughts to his scent, in songs you hear, or even when you really just felt the need to reminisce. You can shed a tear over seeing moments you’ve planned together, which he’s now living out and sharing with someone else.

It’s okay to have lapses while healing, curing yourself is a work in progress. Regardless of the number of hours, days, months, or years, it’s not a sin to think and remember moments, and still feel bad or sad about it. It does not make you weak nor does it stain your strength as a person.

Never feel pressured. Never let people make you feel that you are being too emotional; that you are a hopeless case. Never let them trick you into believing that your feelings are not valid.

No, it does not mean you are stuck and miserable. Feeling the pain does not mean you will be confined in this dark room forever. This emotion makes you grow. It makes you survive life without the person you’ve shared half of your life with. This makes you be keen of your own company. This makes you accept the fact that being alone is far different from being lonely.

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Don’t seek comfort from someone else. You’ll only destroy yourself. Worse is you’ll drag an innocent one with you.

Heal on your own, wait until you’re ready, be aware that pain comes to an end as well. As much as happiness is temporary, sadness is, too.

Everything you feel is valid. Pain has to be felt for you to know how to control it. For you to know how to not let the hurt consume you to the point that you already feel dead when you barely even experienced how it’s really like to live. Control it until you can use it as a guiding light to try again, to believe again; that even if or when another risk knocks you down you can say that you’ve mastered handling pain enough that you exert no effort getting back up.

You are able, you are so much more than your broken self.