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Trust That Your Time Will Come
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Trust That Your Time Will Come

Trust That Your Time Will Come

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but it just never happens? Leaving you with that thought “guess it wasn’t meant for me,” or “maybe it’s not the right time.”

They’re hard to swallow thoughts sometimes, depending on how bad you want what seems to continue to be blocked.

There’s no scale of significance for the universe to want to align something for us. Nothing is too big or too small to happen at its right time. If you look at it in a saving perspective you can be thankful.

What if what you desperately wanted was actually going to destroy you temporarily? The universe knew and refused to let it happen, sending you temporary disappointment instead.

I think we’ve all looked back at something we once truly wanted and realized how grateful we were that it didn’t work out in our favor. It’s amazing what time can do: heal wounds (my all time favorite), deliver growth, grant intelligence, establish love.

Time is really all we have, yet we take it for granted so often.

The petrifying part is we never know how much time we have. We have no idea how much time we have with another person. Death isn’t the only thing that can take someone away from you either. Some times death isn’t even the worst way to lose someone.

Having the knowledge of time that we do, why do we treat it this way?

Why do we still try to force things to happen when we know it isn’t right?

Why do we attempt to rush things knowing they would flourish at a different time?

I would say it’s human nature, but is it really?

I ask this because we don’t touch hot surfaces when we know those surfaces are hot.

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Isn’t the concept the same?

We also have the knowledge to realize that just because something isn’t happening right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen. Yet we often sulk in the disappointment. We dwell on the temporary sadness instead of trying to see a bigger picture.

We tend to let emotions cloud our vision the same way we let those same emotions, metaphorically, slow down time.

Filling your time with positive activities and positive people are so important. Enjoying your time is one of the best parts of life. Fill your time and life with people who are good for you. People with different perspectives; ones that can help you see the light when you feel like you’re surrounded by, and drowning in every cold and dark thing on this earth.

We don’t have “all the time in the world.” We have what time this world allows us to have.

If something isn’t happening for you take a deep breath. Maybe you are being saved from what you could have never imagined.

It may not be your time now, but darling, your time will certainly come.