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Not All Relationships Are Meant To Last
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Not All Relationships Are Meant To Last

not all relationships last

When love just doesn’t feel like love, we tend to put people on a pedestal. Either because we are afraid to be alone or plainly because we’re reluctant to admit that someone just isn’t the one.

We tend to force ourselves into situations that feel like inescapable pitfalls. We let ourselves get sucked in and become stuck. We are afraid of change, afraid of new beginnings.

I totally get it. We probably all do this.

No one wants to ask another what his favorite color is, what he likes to eat, or what he does in idle times, especially coming from a long relationship where you’ve already shared hopes and dreams to build a future together.

But we’ve got to admit that we make wrong decisions, too. Sometimes in the form of falling in love with the wrong people or making even more mistakes by letting them stay longer than they’re supposed to.

There’s no one to blame. There shouldn’t be any regrets. Grasping the reality that the relationship you’ve worked so hard on is falling apart is no easy task. We can only hope that the times we’ve spent aren’t merely wasted moments, but moments of growth, too.

These chapters in our lives are worth remembering because they led us to realizations we wouldn’t even get close to if we never stepped out of the cages we locked ourselves in.

We often push ourselves too hard, to the point of breaking down or total exhaustion, before we surrender. That’s one of the greatest mistakes we commit. It becomes too late for us to make decisions that would shift our discomfort to contentment and genuine happiness.

Sometimes, our relationships keep failing, no matter how hard we try and how much effort we exert. Because they aren’t really meant to work in the first place. It isn’t true that giving up is nothing but frailty. It can be a test of strength and faith before we finally get what we truly deserve.

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Stop forcing anything that just doesn’t feel right.

Stop living your life based on how others expect you to. Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve to be happy.

Because just like everybody else, you do deserve that.

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