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You Deserve More Than Someone Who Doesn’t Really Want You
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You Deserve More Than Someone Who Doesn’t Really Want You

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Where do you go when you have nothing left to give?

You leave. You walk away. And you cut off access to your life. Because someone who only wants you when it’s convenient does not actually want you. They just want.

They want to be satisfied when they want it. And they want to be left alone more than they want you there. They want to be able to leave you at a moment’s notice. They want to be able to pretend that you do not even exist. And they want you when they want you, regardless of how you are feeling.

It was never you they wanted. You were just convenient.

I know it hurts to read those words. I know it hurts to realise the truth. But sometimes, we have to hurt to be able to understand how much pain we keep allowing to be inflicted upon ourselves.

Your heart is not a vacant room for anyone and everyone who needs a place to stay for a while. You do not deserve to be treated as if you are impermanent. And you are more than just a body for someone to use as they please, then discard once they have had their fill.

You are so much more than how they make you feel.

See, you are a human being who deserves respect. You deserve honesty. And you deserve trust. You deserve someone who can be honest about their feelings; for more reasons than to just get you back into bed. You deserve to be loved the way that you love others. And you do not deserve to always be the one who is left behind.

Not everyone is going to understand the depth of your heart and your love. Not everyone is going to understand all of the emotions coursing through your veins at any given moment. And not everyone is going to understand you. But that’s okay.

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You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you.

It might be years before you meet your person. Or maybe it will be today. That is what you always have to remember. In this life, you never know what is going to be coming next. This could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life. You will never know until you are living in the moment. So please, do not shut yourself off from more opportunities to fall in love. Because you never know who it is that you might meet next.

Maybe your next love will be your forever love. Or maybe they will just be another lesson along the way. Either way, one thing is certain. You will never know unless you try.

This person who hurt you is just one more person who taught you one more lesson. And now, you are even more prepared to find the one who won’t be holding your hand with one foot out the door already.

The person who wants to love you for you is out there. And once you find them, they will never, ever want to leave.

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