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This Is How You Love A Sagittarius
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This Is How You Love A Sagittarius

how you love a sagittarius

This is how you love a Sagittarius.

She is bold. She is wild. She is outspoken. She is honest. She is fun. She is hilarious. She is energetic.

It is surely not hard to spot her in a crowd.

A natural-born comedian, she will make you laugh until your stomach begins to ache, and you don’t even know she does it.

With her hysterical laughs and straight-up raw comments, she is savage.

A loyal bestie she is, she will be your go-to when you need to hear the most valuable and honest advice (that is, if you’re ready for it).

She’ll be there to cry and laugh with you, leaving you feeling like there are good people and hope in this world.

A freedom-loving soul she is, she will not be tied down to anyone’s crap.

She will run as far as she can if you ever try to control her. She’ll not listen to anyone who tells her what to do.

Haven’t you heard that rules are meant to be broken?

A wanderlust she is, she will often make you feel like she isn’t paying attention to what you’re saying.

Most likely, she is listening while thinking about where to venture off next. She is an excellent multitasker. She is daydreaming and visualizing her next adventure.

A passionate lover she is, she will contain you with all the limitless energy she has that you literally can’t keep up with.

She is the yin to your yang. She will infuse you with the amusement and pleasure of her own style and leave you craving for more.

An optimistic spirit she is, she will see the silver lining in a thunderstorm.

That’s why you think she is happy all the time. She glows and works on high energy and vibration that not a single touch can take her power away from her.

But don’t forget, she is human after all. She is as soft as a feather on the inside.

The outgoing battery needs to recharge too.

She breaks, too. She hurts, too. She feels, too.

She breaks in loud shrieking cries when nobody is around.

She isn’t all that brave as she presents herself.

She doesn’t like to let her loved ones worry.

She can exit the bathroom stall with dry tears like she hasn’t been hurting and sobbing in there.

She is only strong for her people. She makes it crystal clear who stays in her life.

Just like everybody else, she has a vulnerable side too.

She cares more than she’ll ever tell, so when she lets her guard down, listen to her.

She gets angry and turns into a ball of fire. That is when she isn’t feeling safe. Really, that is all to it. Be the safety net she needs.

You won’t know when she is in pain because she will rather help you first before taking care of herself.

She is clumsy. She is all over the place. She is careless. All because she wants to do everything while forgetting to know that she deserves rest too.

She believes wholeheartedly that she can fill other people’s lives with joy. She wants everyone to be happy because that brings her happiness. She tries so freaking hard to make her loved ones smile.

Pay attention to her facial expressions, little gestures, and body language. Scrutinize her eyes because they won’t lie. Her pupils will unravel the emotions she’s too afraid to express.

She is sensitive and often feels attacked. She’s too proud to let down her ego. Her harsh and straightforward words represent her pain. Please don’t take it personally.

She will forever be a child at heart who needs your love and care and, more importantly, your protection.

Even though it seems like she has it all together, she needs you to be strong for yourself so she can lean on your shoulders anytime.

When she trusts you, she’ll let you into her bubble. Once you break that, it’s almost impossible for you to enter again.

Her bubble is her heart. She wants you there because she wants to take you on a vibrant and enjoyable journey that you can explore together.

It may seem like nothing will ever meet her standards and that you’ll never bar up to her expectations.

But she just wants you to be there every step along the way and know that you’ll always be right beside her, supporting her, loving her, and taking good care of her while she finds herself.

When you’re in her bubble, she will see you as her favorite human on this planet.

You will be her best friend, lover, and most trusted soul. You are ultimately her cupid. You are her healer. You are her galaxy.

She craves your warmth, your comfort, and your affection.

Remind her that she is loved. Every single day. Every hour. And mean it every single time.

Take her to an unplanned adventure because she lives for spontaneity.

Play pillow fights with her.

Sing your heart out with her.

Lie under the stars and watch the night sky while cuddling her.

Explore new trails in a national park with her.

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Feed her avocado toasts while taking an IG-worthy picture of her.

Capture beautiful moments of your time together so you guys can look back one day and reminisce about the good old memories.

She lusts for your attention, compassion, and empathy.

Just because she is independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you and doesn’t care about you.

When she has a bad day, she just needs your reassurance. She wants you to just listen to her and comfort her.

Hug the crap out of her. Wrap her with your arms like a burrito.

Baby her. Pamper her. Spoil her.

In return, she’ll show you a type of love that you never knew existed.

She’ll make it very obvious that there is no competition out there and that you’re who she chooses to be with.

Shower her with the love she deserves.

Inspire her with your wisdom.

Take her to movie dates.

Read books with her.

She is always looking for a deeper meaning in life. She needs to be constantly entertained.

Give her space when she needs it, and she will come back with unstoppable energy, ready to thrive again. It usually doesn’t take long.

She wants passion, fascination, and love.

Don’t ever, ever treat her coldly. Give her indifference, and she’ll get bored of you. Mundane life is definitely not what she has signed up for.

When she walks away, it’s not because she doesn’t love you. She loves you, but she needs to know that you will fight for her.

Pull her back and never ever let her walk away.

Whisper in her ears that she is your only one and that you love her so much.

She needs to know that she’ll always be your only.

She needs to know that you’ll never walk away.

Once you pass the test, she’ll treasure you forever.

This is how you love her. This is how you love a Sagittarius.

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