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10 Thoughts That Can Kill Your Creativity (If You Let Them)
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10 Thoughts That Can Kill Your Creativity (If You Let Them)

thoughts that can kill creativity

It is bizarre how we can convince ourselves that we are not good enough or worthy of a place in certain aspects of society.

Stepping into my role as an artist is something I struggle with sometimes. However, it is an illusion that I have to “step into” this role when in fact, I am already in it.

Not believing in yourself can make you crouch down and minimize your efforts and goals.

My contribution to the creative world (enter whatever field floats your boat here) comes from individualization. A tree might have been drawn by millions of people before me. Still, it has never been captured by my left hand and by my brain’s interpretation.

Creativity is made more unique when we expose our vulnerability with compassion and pride.
Over thirty years living on this fine planet, seeing the world day in, day out, I am more aware when the mind tries to encroach on my worthiness. This allows me to cast thoughts aside before they become active.

Here are 10 things I look out for that you might resonate with too:

1) When I am not actively engaging with people; networking and socializing.

The art world is a solitary process. Despite the great work that comes out of isolation, this can lead to spirals of doubt if not regulated. The less I meet people, the less I meet people, so I need to check-in.

2) When I procrastinate on starting a project, this turns into another day and into another day.

The less I do, the less I do. It is often said; ask a busy person if you want something done for you. Action creates momentum, stalling creates stagnation.

3) When I stop myself from sharing my work with the public because of internal criticism.

The more I share, the more I want to share, and it helps with confidence and release. Alternatively, the less I share, the less I want to share and the shyer I become. Confidence takes practice!

4) When I compare myself to others.

And forget that it makes no sense to play the “comparison game” because everyone has a different perspective.

Not everyone will like you or your work, and that is ok. The more I compare, the more I go inward, so be aware.

5) When thinking takes over the doing.

As if thinking can actualize dreams. The more I think, the less I do the thing. The more I do, the less I think. It is a no brainer.

6) When I let jealousy cause bitterness rather than aspiration and compassion.

People can influence and share their views with each other for both parties’ benefit, no matter what stage of life one is at.

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7) Taking things way too seriously.

Falling back into the mindset that life must be hard to deserve living freely. When put into perspective, everything is just great as I am, as it is, as I was born.

8) When I put pressure on myself to produce or impress certain people.

This is unnecessary self-inflicted stress, escalated by negative thinking and a harsh voice nagging me. The more I relax into my natural zone of creativity, that voice dissipates, and the work is heightened in its authenticity.

9) If I look for validation for my work from external sources rather than gut and intuition.

Constructive criticism is good, mentorship is great, accountability buddy fantastic, but waiting for external opinions and the go-ahead is exhausting and leaves one stuck. Nothing can top your own internal compass. The more I trust in myself, the more I create for myself and, therefore, for the universe.

10) When I look towards self-sabotage like “the starving artist mentality” for a high rather than towards my creativity and self-nurturing tools.

This comes from fear of success and failure resulting in a false sense of security and deprivation. The more I am honest with myself and practice self-acceptance over and over, the more I can come to a happy place in the heart, and I can create with vitality.

Life is art; art is life.

Living is a process and work of art. Make it fun and light because we are only here for a millisecond of mother earth’s time.

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