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Healing Happens In The Little Moments
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Healing Happens In The Little Moments

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This is what healing looks like.

When you go to your favorite restaurant and get excited to eat a meal.

When you’re with family and friends laughing with one another.

When you rewatch a show or a movie, that always brings you joy.

When you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

When you’re singing along to your favorite song.

When you’re enjoying a great conversation with someone.

When you receive that opportunity you have desperately been working for.

When your favorite artist comes out with a new song, and you stay up to have a listen.

When you take random pictures that are wholesome to you.

When you come back from a long day and decide to take a nap.

When you take yourself out for a date.

When you treat yourself to something you always wanted.

When you’re having fun playing with your dog or cat.

When you’re eating your favorite ice cream, or you bake your favorite dessert.

When you’re out having adventures with your friends.

When you wake up early to watch the sunrise.

When you go out for a walk or a run any time of day.

When you’re dancing around in your room happily.

When you’re sitting down at a park and reflecting on how far you’ve come.

When you’re patient with yourself.

When you know that it’s okay to cry, and you do.

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When you accomplish something, you never thought you would have.

When you get creative.

When you feel proud.

When you no longer feel trapped.

When you feel your heart being less drained than the days before.

When you know that tomorrow brings a new day.

When you are slowly learning that you are much more than what is causing you pain.

When things that used to bring you pain no longer bring you sorrow.

We may not notice it, but every day we complete tasks and create moments, big or small, that show our growth.

We give thanks to all the hurt that has given us the courage to keep standing tall.

When you’re in the presence of yourself, take a deep breath and smile. Realize that life is truly a gift we can’t take for granted.

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