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Everything Starts Within You
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Everything Starts Within You

everything starts within

Welcome back, your majesty.

I’m sorry they hurt you, child.

I am sorry you let them.

Trusting, forgiving, compassion is not weakness.

True strength lies in vulnerability.

It is strong to recognize the truth in others.

It is strength to show others your truth. Especially when the 3D physical reality contradicts your 4D fantasies.

It is mastery to walk away when your truth and others collide.

As women, we are given compassion as a superpower. Don’t become unbalanced and lean into being a victim or martyr.

If you are female or identify as female, I want you to know that your power is immense.

It is within you life is created, held, and nourished.

It starts within.


You make the decision right now. To live your truth.

How can I channel this into my 3D world?

Learn what healthy love is and consciously decide to treat yourself and others to that.

Give respect. Get respect.

Affirm, every day if you have to that “all is well” and “I am safe.”

Make one promise to yourself every day and keep it. Whether it is to help someone with something or study something just for fun.

Allow your inner child out to play. Regularly.

Balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Create balance with healthy boundaries.

What are your values? This will help point your boundary decisions

Visualize. Then list goals and steps to get there and achieve them.

Run into your divine femininity.

Trust yourself.

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Speak to yourself the way you would a child.

Explore all kinds of love, from maternal to raw, wild passion.

Truly feel and honor your power as a woman every day.

Light a candle, create an altar.

Move your body through exercise and dance.

Explore your sexuality (I recommend masturbation if you are new to creating boundaries).

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and let your values talk for themselves through your actions.

Decide to look into the future with excitement and gratitude. Take action to back up your beliefs.

Honor your femininity through meeting inspiring women and creating communities.

What feels good to you?

I promise all you need to do right now is decide you want a better life. Don’t worry for now about the details. Just allow yourself to daydream and welcome in a brand new year.

I love you so much, Divine Beauty.

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