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For You On The Days When You Feel Like You Can’t
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For You On The Days When You Feel Like You Can’t

when you feel like you can't

You are not alone.

We are here with you, and we see you.

It is okay to let the struggle go now. You are safe, and you are heard here. You can drop your shoulders and stop looking behind them because today, you are welcome here. The whole of you is welcome here.

Life has been challenging for you for the longest time, and that’s okay. We know you’ve learned how to be strong despite circumstances. We hear how you have mastered crying in silence to not alarm who might hear you because of your compassion for others. We feel your heart. And we are here for you.

You are so brave.

Your courage to choose yourself today inspires all of us to choose ourselves today, too.

Thank you for your act of courage to make time for what fills your soul with bliss. May it be two minutes of your morning or a fresh cup of coffee; your act of courage to put yourself first today creates ripples of wonderful changes for all of us, too.

Your healing becomes the blueprint for all of our healing. Your voice is gold. Your heart is pure. We believe in you.

You are enough.

You are allowed to stop feeling guilty right this moment. You simply just deserve to feel good about yourself.

What you did yesterday and who you were when you were 10 is not what molds you. It is your choice to come back home to your heart’s center no matter the uncertainty that shines a light on who you really are.

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Right now is the perfect time to speak these words softly to yourself, “I am safe. I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am kind. I am love. I am free.

Breathe life into all the spaces inside of you today. You deserve to be so full of yourself that you cannot help but overflow with the abundance of love glowing within you. Your life is for you to create, and mistakes are all part of creation. You can never make a bad decision if it is a decision you are making for yourself. Life does not punish you for choosing one decision, nor does it reward you for choosing the other. Life simply happens.

How you show up for yourself every moment is the physical manifestation of your growing love for yourself.

You can trust you.

There is great love for you here. May today inspire you to be so in alignment with all you desire that everything you want overflows with abundance. You deserve it, and we are always rooting for you.

Love ya,

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