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Who You Are Is Always Evolving
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Who You Are Is Always Evolving

who you are is always evolving

There comes a certain point in your life where things begin shifting.

A shift in perspective, a quick shift of furniture around the house, a simple shift from dairy to almond milk.

It’s that gesture of allowance. That space being held for growth. That permission to just try it.

We often confuse routine as the standard definition of who we are as a person. And when we define ourselves to a certain standard, fear grows. Anxiety roots. Unworthiness grounds.

The earlier you take on these truths as your own without considering if you want to believe them is the day you stop believing in yourself.

You stop believing in coloring outside of the lines. Instead, you carefully brush through life, missing out on all the moments that remind you that you are alive.

You resign yourself over to the idea that you are only as good as your productivity for the day. And that is when you forget that you know how to have fun, that you are fun.

You convince yourself that those jeans look weird on you, so you resign yourself to hiding in plain sight because someone else told you it’s not good to be comfortable in your own skin. That your clothes and your hair and your skin are the only things that define you.

But that’s not who you are.

You are the humanification of the Universe in motion. You are living proof that life exists; that love exists.

When you exist in an environment that teaches you to play small, to allow life to live through you is the ultimate act of justice.

To be you is your gift in this existence. The Universe is a better place simply because you exist. So why do you continue to hide?

Do you see the twinkle in your eyes when you share what excites you? Or the joy that bursts through like sunlight in your laughter?

When you look at a flower, you know of its beauty. Its existence brings a smile to your lips and a certain bliss in your eyes. You look at the flower and find yourself thanking it for its existence.

There are no ground rules on how a flower should grow and bloom or choose the best environment for it to thrive and live. It just does.

You never ask a flower to prove its right to exist.

So why do you put all this pressure on yourself to be anyone other than who you are?

Do you still remember who you are? Because that’s all it takes. Just believe in you.

Find the courage to take off your mask and costume, even if for just a moment. You can hang it up at the door on your way in. You’re safe here. Everything will be alright. You can rest now.

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Ground back into your body. Close your eyes and allow yourself to do nothing. Even if for just a while. Let go of the guilt that you’re not doing enough. Let go of the need to be who they need you to be. Just for a little bit. Just for these few moments. Breathe.

Small acts of love to yourself every day redefine what love is in every way. You have mastered the art of loving another person and forgiving them for hurting you. Now it is time for you to forgive and love you.

There is time to sit with your feelings before you begin your day. You have time for that extra cup of tea. There is time to stay in bed with your loved one for a few extra minutes.

Allow yourself to enjoy the moments that bring you the most joy. The moments that ground you to the present.

The day will keep going.

There is no running out of time. There is no saving time.

We often miss out on what makes us feel the most alive and at ease because we’re always rushing to the next thing.

May today be your reminder to breathe. Pause. You have time.

You deserve those moments of joy. That’s what love is.

And that is all it takes to be worthy of love.

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