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Wherever & Whoever You Are Right Now Is Enough

whoever you are right now is enough

For what it’s worth, it is perfectly okay to not know what to do.

There’s no loss of grace if you fall flat on your face on your 32nd attempt. Life happens. To allow life to happen with you is grace; for the circumstance, for the others involved, for yourself.

There are no flunking grades in life. It isn’t about having your life together at 30.

Life goes so fast we never realize how many of our days go by without our full presence and attention.

Where are we rushing to all the time? What are we scrolling through for?

Yes, the world is a big place. Imagine the amount of people and places you have yet to experience today. You don’t have to pack your bags and fly to another country—just look up every now and then.

Go out for a walk, maybe? Say hi to your neighbor and pet a stray cat on your way to work today. You never know which new friend is just around the corner from your phone screen.

Imagine if you took walks as long as you spent time on your phone. And instead of liking posts and leaving comments, you go to a café nearby and ask someone if you can sit with her for a cup.

Many beautiful encounters in life are created by tiny acts of courage and love for you. May you gift yourself that opportunity today to share the magic within you.

Your presence and what you pay attention to is your highest form of currency. When you give your energy to different people, tasks, scenarios, you gift yourself that.

May you nurture the courage to respond to all that pleases you, and to go into more challenging moments with softness for yourself.

May you remember that it is not your job nor is it your obligation to be anyone other than who you are.

Yes, others will want to help and will offer their own piece of wisdom, so endow yourself with discernment when considering other people’s opinions of you. There is a world’s amount of versions of you in other people’s minds. You don’t need to live up to any of them.

Choose what works for you. Go easy on yourself every chance you get. Let go of all the expectations to be somebody even if just for now. Drop your shoulders and look out the window.

What do you see? How does it make you feel? Do you recognize what contentment feels like?

Whenever you are filled with doubt or uncertainty, may you sit with it. Maybe pour it a cup of tea and ask it to sit down with you.

Let’s unpack your grief-cases together.

Your demons are not your enemies; they are the parts of yourself that are asking for your presence, attention, and most of all your kindness. Everyone needs help sometimes.

May you find the courage to allow yourself to feel the human parts of your emotions and to love those emotions with the glow of your Divinity’s heart. May today be the beginning of moments filled with you dancing to your favorite songs at max volume, your home filled with your voice singing out loud and your laughter vibrating all throughout your soul.

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You deserve to be happy now.

Be here now.

You are who you are today because of all your choices from day one, and that is such a beautiful version of yourself to be.

It is okay to keep starting over, to slow down, appreciate life, and fall in love with yourself again.

There is no loss of grace in vulnerability. Vulnerability is where you find yourself. Reconnecting to that part of you that scares you the most is how you begin building trust within yourself again. Go slow. This takes time. There’s no rush to a finish line.

Loving yourself and creating your safe space in your heart’s soul is a lifetime practice that only ever gets better and better for you every day.

May you remember that today and every day you are worthy, you are loved, and you are always enough.

Love ya,


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