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One Day You Will Understand Your Life Today
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One Day You Will Understand Your Life Today

one day you will understand

One day, you will look back on this time in your life and want to be there. That place you so desperately want to move on from will be the place you wish to be. You will give everything to be there. One day, you will look back on this time and place with longing.

One day, you will look back on the person you were, the person you are in this moment, and you will adore her. You will respect the girl that gets up early for coffee before heading to school. You will empathize with her as she cries on the kitchen floor after her latest heartbreak. And you will understand the girl who felt lost, afraid, angry, and unsure all at once and continued moving forward anyway, even if she wasn’t even sure of the direction she was going.

Looking back, you’ll realize that there was a plan all along, even if all she had was a match in the dark.

You’ll be happy you didn’t have a map, knowing fully that you would have clung to it deeply and not allowed yourself to explore all the happy detours that sprung up along the way.

You found the most magic in those unexpected deviations; that’s where your true passion hid amongst love, unanticipated friendships, and hole-in-the-wall destinations. Those are the paths that made your life what it is. Those are the paths that built you into the steadfast, curious adventurer you are today. In the uncertainty of your path was your greatest potential, allowing you to discover who you really could become.

One day, you will look back on this time when you sat in the dark with all your questions and see how all of them were answered, only for more to pop up in their place. The friends you lost, opportunities taken, and the heartbreak you encountered were all clearing the path for seeds of love to be sown in their place.

You will see how God had a plan for every failed step, every fall, and every valley, even if it felt as if you were all alone in the pit some days. You will see that you never were, and you will learn to love the mud that transformed you.

I hope you have the courage to keep going when things seem to not be moving. I promise they are. You will see that one day.

I hope you have enough love in your heart to be the magic, even when heartbreak strikes. One day, you will see how each of those broken pieces come together to form the most gorgeous mosaic of a heart this world has ever seen.

I hope you have enough perseverance to keep going. Even when it feels as if the ground keeps shifting beneath your feet and all you want is for things to slow down.

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I hope you do slow down. Stop and smell the roses. Take breaks and vacations, and say yes to things you normally wouldn’t.

You aren’t late; you are beautifully and perfectly on time, just as you are.

One day, you’ll look back on this time in your life, the time when you took shaky steps in a direction you hoped was forward, and see how every imperfect moment was part of your becoming.

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