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Read This When You’re Not Okay
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Read This When You’re Not Okay

ok to not be ok

It’s ok, to not be ok. I know that this may be a foreign concept to you, but hear me out.

I know you are used to having it all together. The façade that you put out there appears to be perfect. You hardly ask for help, and you barely express when things are bothering you. You have gone on like this for quite some time.

I understand that your burdens can be quite heavy sometimes. Sometimes you may feel discouraged, and that’s ok. I know you’ve probably not heard that it is ok to be discouraged, but it is. It’s ok to have days when you feel sad. On those days, give yourself some extra love and attention. Be kind to yourself on those days because you deserve it.

It’s ok to not know your next steps in life. I know you are a planner, and you are extremely goal-oriented, but not knowing your next steps can be liberating. Listen, there is nothing wrong with having a goal or a plan, but there’s also nothing wrong with you not knowing what you want to do next.

This can be the time that your soul actually needs. It can give you the time and space to be creative or allow you to just be. Allow yourself to rediscover your wants, your desires, your likes, and your dislikes. You absolutely deserve it. I know you are always on the go and checking off goals, but what if you allowed yourself to reset and focus on you for once?

It is not selfish to make yourself a priority.

It’s ok to sit in the pain that you’re in. I know sometimes you want to run from your pain, your heartbreak, or your trauma because that’s all you have known to do. You have made yourself busy to avoid emotions, but allow yourself to feel those emotions. You are a human being, not a robot. I know this may be surprising to you, but sitting in your pain can actually be helpful. Taking the time to process your emotions can elevate you to healing that you never thought was possible. I know that you are used to masking your pain, but please, let that guard down.

Remember that this feeling of not being ok will not last forever. One day the tides will turn.

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Remember that you will find your way and figure out what your next steps are, even if it takes a little time.

Remember that masking your pain only helps in the short term. Allowing yourself to feel your emotions and process them will guide you into your healing.

I hope you know that it’s ok. You will be ok.

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