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I Am Thankful To Have Found The Woman I Always Wanted To Be

I Am Thankful To Have Found The Woman I Always Wanted To Be - She Rose Revolution

It’s a powerful place to be, to be content.

To not give a damn what goes left because you know you’ll be alright. It’s a powerful place to be, to be strong enough to hope for what you want and not be too scared it will all go wrong.

But you see, I didn’t get here through smiles and silhouettes. No, I got here through trials and tribulations. All the pain, confusion, lost and lonely nights. Days and nights that turned weeks into months. Months I thought I’d never get through. Just to see this view.

A view I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. The woman I always wanted to be staring back at me in any reflection I choose.

I suffered heartbreaks I thought I would surely die from, and I don’t mean the kind from any man. Although it’s well known I’ve had some tough breaks in men too. I suffered my own disappointment time and time again. I suffered loneliness because I did not want to tell a friend. I suffered loss by the mother loads, some I still cannot withstand. There were so many days I didn’t want to be who I am.

I gave up a time or two; taking the losses seemed like the easier thing to do. Finally I got fed up with myself and all these plans. Then I found you.

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You saved my soul and changed my purpose. You took those plans and made them actions. You healed some heartbreaks and helped me stand once again. You brought me true friends and a much better point of view. After you stood me up, you held me tall, watching all my dreams come true. I am so thankful to have found you.

I am so thankful that I am you.

You are the woman I bloomed in to. The woman I always wanted to be. The woman who can hold her head high, watch time fly by, and still be happy with this view. This is such a powerful place to be, to be content being me.

And now there’s no place I’d rather be.