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Bad Days Never Last, But You Do
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Bad Days Never Last, But You Do

when you've had a bad day

Did you have one good day only to be followed by three terrible days?

Did you finally save some money then get struck by an emergency?

Or did you go out on a limb to give a little more to someone, only for them to take it all and not return a thing to you?

I know. I understand that feeling, have felt that hurt, and suffered that defeat, time and time again. Depending on how much you were invested in the situation, whether your heart felt like it shattered in your chest, or if you just shook your head; I know.

Those situations that just ruined your day and made you shake your head… shake them off. All of it.

Shake it off. Deep breaths, self care. What you lost can be replaced, redone and recovered. Take an extra deep breath and be thankful it wasn’t worse.

Now, those situations that ruined your week, shattered your heart and confused your mind—feel them. All those emotions, feel them.

I don’t care how deep, how ugly, or how awful it feels. Feel them. Sit with them. Not for too long. Sit with them for just enough time to have some understanding and then, let them go.

Your heart? It will heal with time.

I’m not saying it will be the same. Your heart may become even more full after healing, or it may become guarded.

Your mind will have learned a lesson. The only thing coming to you now is more strength for that amazing heart of yours and more wisdom for your mind.

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Let this time of healing feed your soul. Let these heartbreaks and disappointments season your life. And let your growth be full and fueled by the time you took to sit with your emotions.

Then when you have one of those “best days ever,” sit with it. Take deep breaths and be thankful. Sit with the joy and let it sink in to your core. Let that pure happiness dive deeper than any of the hurt you once sat with.

Your break will come; big and small.
Your break will bring relief and explanation.
Your break will be just that—your break.

So darling hold on for now. Those bad days never last, but you do.

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