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Nobody Wins At The Comparison Game
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Nobody Wins At The Comparison Game

comparison game

Training our minds to forego comparison is the undertaking of a lifetime, perhaps even more so for women.

We can spend years stuck in a purely egoic way of operating. Basing our sense of worth on the perceived shortcomings of others only for our imagined superiority to come crashing down around us when we realize we’ve misjudged a certain situation. Or inwardly berating ourselves for not being as pretty, talented, or adored as someone else.

In truth, inferiority and superiority are two polarities of the same cycle: the trap of comparison.

When we compare, nobody wins.

The person perceived as superior either moves further from their truth, detaching from their essence and becoming more enmeshed in their ego, or feels guilt for the suffering they feel they have caused others by simply following their bliss. They carry a burden that was never theirs to begin with.

The person perceived as inferior either seamlessly slips into the self-assigned role of the villain or fades away, becoming almost spectral.

In either case, the mind becomes an instrument of torture, a weapon of mass destruction. It whispers a constant barrage of thoughts that drain the life from the soul, drop by drop. They feel less in every shade of the word: helpless, hopeless, worthless.

It’s time to transcend this damaging method of measurement. We need to remember that our worth comes from (and will be recovered from) within. Nobody else can take it from us.

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Many of us were never taught the value of sisterhood. We never felt the sense of unshakeable power that is created when women come together. It can take many years of dismantling our old beliefs around worth to finally unearth the truth. We are not one another’s competition; we are each other’s champions.

Begin the work, strengthen the foundations of your sense of self, and eventually, you’ll see it reflected back to you wherever you go.

Have you ever met a woman who truly knows her worth? If you have, you’ll know that she is a force of nature.

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