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Sometimes Losing Friends Is A Sign Of Growth
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Sometimes Losing Friends Is A Sign Of Growth

Sometimes Losing Friends Is A Sign Of Growth

Instead of dwelling on the friendships you’ve lost, think about the wisdom and inner peace you’ve gained.

We don’t lose relationships because we are unworthy. We lose them because we are mismatched to them. This is an indicator that you have grown or changed; that we need to realign new relationships.

When we grow, we are no longer content with a life appeasing everyone else but instead, we make decisions based on our own lives. Don’t confuse progression with regression—this is a sign you are ready for the next chapter of your life.

Stay away from people whose capacity to judge is far greater than their capacity to love.

The exact kind of people you shouldn’t surround yourself with are the ones that are threatened by your self-love. Unconfident people hate to see confident people. Ultimately, when you do what is best for you, you will outgrow people that don’t want to watch you grow.

Remember, perspective always overrides circumstance. Some people choose to make the best out of the worst situations, and others choose to make the worst out of the best situations. Obstacles that were positioned to tear you down, ended up strengthening you, in ways that you never imagined. And that speaks volumes about your wisdom and your character.

The more they underestimate you, the greater the shock will be when you make it.


Don’t hold yourself back worrying about the judgement of those that are unable to move forward. People judge you yet they don’t even measure up to their own criteria. They prey on your self-doubt by encouraging self-doubt so that you feel ashamed of your phenomenal qualities. But, tearing someone down will never elevate them.

Some people have the disease of criticizing too often.

I promise you, just because you fail to see your own amazing qualities doesn’t mean they’re not there. Your reality has been eroded by somebody with the inability to see your worth. Some people will always see you as a false illusion in their heads, to help them deal with their reality.

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to the friends I've grown apart from

Trying to be everything to everyone is an unhealthy example of kindness.

We aren’t required to set ourselves on fire to keep others warm. Life is too short to accommodate other people’s desires before our own.

Never allow somebody to take advantage of your kindness. Never allow somebody to make you feel bad for doing what is best for you. And never feel as though you are obliged to give an explanation to somebody who’s made you feel inferior.

Don’t stress over things that are out of your control—you cannot change an envious mindset that is trained to misunderstand you in every way.

Be unapologetically you. Be true to yourself and true to your morals. The betrayal may hurt but you have learned that not everybody’s loyalty can be earned.

Cherish the ones who stick around even when you don’t want to stick around yourself. The ones who know your side of the story without you having to explain it. The ones who recognize your potential and cheer for your success.