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A Woman Can Give Birth To Anything

the essence of being a woman

“What is the essence of being a woman?”

A popular pageant question, and the most common answer: motherhood.

But that is wrong.

Having a child is just one part of womanhood. It is not the definition. There is no doubt that the ability to bring life to Earth is an amazing gift from the Universe. But it is not mandatory, and it should not be forced on us.

If the essence of being a woman is becoming a mother, what about those who cannot be one?

What about the woman who cannot bear a child due to physical conditions?

What about the woman who married late and cannot bear a child due to old age?

What about the woman who lost a baby during pregnancy and is afraid to try again?

What about those who deliberately decided not to have a child?

What about those who consider adopting instead?

What about those who chose to be single all their life and are perfectly content and fulfilled?

The list goes on.

Does that make them less of a woman?

Is being unable to cradle a baby considered a loss of a woman’s essence?

Society believes that giving birth to a child is the essence of being a woman, but they have no idea that we can give birth to anything.

Our ability to create is not limited to reproduction.

We can make art, build empires, conceive magic. We can bring anything into existence with our divine femininity.

As women, we already have that nurturing power within us. We have the mother’s instinct running through our veins, with or without a child. We can create and nourish anything in this world.

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We take care of our families.

We give motherly love to our plants and animals.

We build our careers.

We live the life death rebirth cycle in our bodies every moon.

As women, we have the intuition to know how to best live our lives. We have the power, the tools, and the wisdom to make crucial decisions on our own. This overflowing wisdom made society fear us and shut us down. It’s what made them minimize our purpose to childbirth and fill us with shame about our “inferiority.” We were forced to hide in the shadows.

But it’s time to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

We are whole. We are powerful. We are divine. We are warrior goddesses. We are sacred. We embody wisdom to bring harmony and balance to the Earth. That is the truest essence of being a woman.

With or without a child, that’s the essence of who we are.

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