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The Secret To Life Is To Live In The Now
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The Secret To Life Is To Live In The Now

live in the now

This is not another article written to tell you how you should live your life to start feeling happy and be content all day, every day.

No. I am neither a skilled life guru nor have I discovered something extraordinary. However, here I am—a seeker just like you.

As I am writing these words down, all I can think about is how immensely the universe within me began to change. I am looking forward to sharing one thing that can make you question how you see and live your life: Being present in the moment.

Yes, it’s that simple yet, complicated too. It’s up to you how prepared you are to take a break from things that have already happened and the things that will.

Can you say goodbye to the burden of the past and the unknown of the future occupying today?

Isn’t it strange that when we want something, we run after it no matter how long it takes?

Sadly, when it comes to our spirituality and perception, we want it now. We want it immediately.

This is how our connection with “now” was founded and developed—on the basis of self-interest and manipulation. Not seeing how unjust it was to ourselves, we have stolen from our present moments. The value of being here and now has become something we think we should seek outside of ourselves.

It would be much easier to simply read and comprehend that nowness is a state of mind, a choice only you can make for yourself and for your own good. Nevertheless, I guess it is the easiest things in life that we learn the hardest.

Perhaps, the subject of love is the most on-the-spot example of this. Because of how we live our lives and the dynamics of the age we live in, we are used to looking for love in places where there’s too little love to find. If only we knew that love rests within us from the beginning of our journey. Then we would have witnessed how different every breath, every minute, every thought, and every touch felt.

Only then could we perceive the power of now and become whole with the spirit of time.

Nowness gives us the comfort of freeing ourselves from sentences and thoughts like “I wish” and “I regret.” Nowness is the key to a more freeing way of thinking and feeling. It’s both very easy, yet can be very difficult as well. Practicing this teaching requires you to have faith in yourself.

Are you prepared to let go of your control and let the moment flow with you and within you?

Your willingness to be present will let you see both your story and every other thing life brings your way from a different angle. It’s easy. However, we are not really wired like that. We are always in need of quick and concrete results. This hastiness, which we tend to take on later in our lives, is perhaps the only reason that causes us to live without being in the moment.

We are so distracted by things happening around us. It’s as if this whole system dominating society wants us to play blind and deaf with our spiritual calling. And I am afraid they’ve been successfully doing that for many years. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come to believe that wholeness is a competition or a reward that we can flaunt when we successfully follow a set of rules and steps. That’s something most of us were taught and what our parents were taught too.

That’s how the spirit of now was forgotten.

By connecting our happiness and sadness to our past memories, we deluded ourselves. We got used to living disconnected from the moment. So much so that now has ended up being an unnecessary bridge between the past and the future. We walk back and forth between where we choose to be stuck and where we hope to find something we think we don’t have yet. Thinking about the past and the future and dream of change might seem like a harmless cognitive activity, yet it is not. Slowly and steadily, our minds are trapped by us.

Feel this very moment. Hear what your heart has got to say. Witness how strongly your senses grow.

You can now walk your path with the awareness that problems are a part of life and that they come and go. You’ll welcome them, knowing they challenge you daily and give you new insights. Accepting everything the day offers will teach us to adapt to the spirit of the time.

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Regardless of how civilized and advanced the world we live in, our urge will never change. It’s buried deep within our consciousness, the search for meaning. It starts to never end. And we are the ones to give it meaning.

So, what’s this very moment telling us? What’s the contribution of being present?

These are the type of questions that will guide the search.

I am here now. And now is all I have.

Beneath these two short and simple sentences, there lies acceptance and a passionate adventure that circles back to you.

Your story is not hidden, neither in the shadow of yesterday nor in the promised pleasures of tomorrow.

Now is where your story is.

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