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Don’t Give In To The Lies Holding You Back From The Life You Deserve
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Don’t Give In To The Lies Holding You Back From The Life You Deserve

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We are our biggest critics, but often we are also the harshest ones. Telling ourselves loud lies that hold us back from reaching for the beautiful things that we envision. The next time you hear negative voices in your head, replace them with these strong truths.

You do not have what it takes.

You have a vision for your life. A dream that’s special and unique to you. You have the gifts you need to birth this dream. You have the courage to pursue the life you want to lead. And you have what it takes to create something where there was nothing before. You have what it takes to put all of the beautiful things you imagine in your head out into the world.

You’re setting yourself up for failure.

There is success in terms of the world which appears in the form of validation and approval. And then there’s a quiet, interior success where you feel fulfilled at the end of the day with the work you’ve put in. There’s unmatched satisfaction that is felt when you are faithful to the work you believe in, however it may be perceived on the outside. To others, what you’re striving to create may not make sense and their opinions may seep into your thoughts. Don’t hand over power to the fear of failure before you’ve even tried.

It’s too late to begin.

We function according to our own timelines and we’re not competing in a race to a common finish line. We’re here to simply begin what’s been stirring our hearts and then to take the next step each day. Our best ideas may come to us years after everyone else has built their dreams, and that’s okay. It’s important what we do with the inspiration when it strikes. What’s important is that we start.

Your life is good enough as it is.

Nothing truly beautiful is born out of comfort, from living inside the lines, staying cooped up in the box. Do not mistake contentment with comfort. We live most of our lives comfortably discontented, and we’re unfazed by it. Doing something new requires you to move, work and be discomforted. If you believe in what you wish to create, good enough shouldn’t do.

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Your work doesn’t matter.

Say to yourself: I matter. Repeat. When you believe that you matter, your brain can’t trick you into thinking that your work and what you put out into the world doesn’t matter. Your thoughts, your dreams, your plans, what you create, collate, cook, click, all of it comes from you, from your unique, beautiful heart and mind.

How could it possibly not matter?

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