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Heal The Prostitute Archetype And Uncover Your Potential
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Heal The Prostitute Archetype And Uncover Your Potential

prostitute archetype

One of the modalities I employ in my coaching practice is archetypes.

Archetypes provide a powerfully symbolic way of seeing the world. They also offer insights into seeing ourselves from a different level of consciousness. Caroline Myss calls this symbolic sight. When you work with your archetypes, you are working with your eighth (connection to spirit) and ninth (seat of the soul) chakras.

Archetypes are all about power. In particular, the way you use that power. Archetypes can show up as protectors, disrupters, or powerful allies to stepping into our fullness.

The prostitute archetype is one of the four survival archetypes: the others are Child, Saboteur, and Victim.

“The Prostitute archetype engages lessons in the sale or negotiation of one’s integrity or spirit due to fears of physical survival or for financial gain. It activates the aspects of the unconscious that are related to seduction and control, whereby you are as capable of buying a controlling interest in another person as you are of selling your own power. Prostitution should be understood as the selling or selling out of your talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self.”

Caroline Myss.

The prostitute archetype is a powerful archetype that will emerge if:

  • We are misusing our power for physical gain instead of stepping into our power for soul enrichment.
  • We want to level up our life, but our prostitute does not.

The prostitute archetype will sabotage your efforts because it is afraid of what you must leave behind, let go of, and the unknown future and potential ahead.

If you find yourself in the prostitute archetype, you will be more concerned with physical appearance and safety than your personal growth and integrity. You will compromise yourself and your truth. This may mean that you take a job that you do not enjoy simply for the money, or you may sell yourself out by staying in a relationship that you know is bad for you.

The prostitute archetype sits in the south area of the compass. In the south, there are great treasures buried beneath personal wounds. These are the wounds that the prostitute is protecting. Your prostitute archetype is not trying to deliberately keep you stuck or debilitate your efforts to move ahead in life. Rather, this archetype is trying to keep you in this safe place because they are sacred to heal and meet their/your potential.

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To venture fully into the reasons why your prostitute is keeping you where you are, you will need to explore your wounds, your shadow self. You will need to meet with the parts of yourself that are reaching out for healing. It is important to have a qualified soul guide, coach, therapist, or friends to support your journey.

Healing your prostitute archetype is an inward journey. You must discover and see your own self-worth and see where and why you lose it. An important facet of this journey is learning to develop and strengthen your own faith.

Life does not always offer us our dreams in a step-by-step format. Rarely does it deliver our goals in a straightforward manner.

Taking our lives to the next level will require that we develop faith, cultivate self-confidence and integrity.

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