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We Are All Mother Nature
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We Are All Mother Nature

mother nature love

It’s easy now, thanks to Mother Nature. Love.

It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you how I’ve finally found it. I’ve found love inside myself.

It’s easy for me to share how I found myself. I was never lost.

It’s easy for me to give love in the world. Love is everywhere.

It’s ever so easy now I know who I am.

I am the Earth.

I am the Water.

I am the Fire.

I am the Wind.

I am the Birds.

I am the Butterfly.

I am the Dolphin.

And I am a Whale.

I am all.

I am all the things I see in this world that I love. I am all the feelings that this world gives. I am all the emotions that run through the soil. I am everything and yet nothing. I am everything so beautiful that I see. I am everything so bold that I see. I am everything so radiant that I see. I am everything so magical that I feel. I am everything so divine that I feel. I am everything so powerful that I feel.

It’s so easy to love what I see, nature’s Beauty. My Beauty.

It’s so easy to love what I feel, nature’s smile. My smile.

It’s so easy to love what I hear, nature’s call. My call.

It’s so easy to love what I smell, nature’s scent. My scent.

It’s so easy to see how I am all that is.

It’s so easy to remember that love never goes away. It’s always here. Love never went away.

See, I sit here and share. I sit here and feel. I sit here with my emotions. And I can sit here with ease. With love.

Because the world is not a place to fear. The world is our home.

The world provides for us like we provide for it. Our home isn’t a place to fear; it’s filled with love. Our home isn’t a place to fear; it’s filled with trust. And the animals we share our home with, our allies, our companions. The sky above that shelters us, our comfort. The earth beneath our feet, our connection.

You see, love can only exist when there is no fear. Love can only be when you see the truth. That love never went away. That love was always within you. Within the earth. Within the wind. Within the Water. And absolutely within the Fire, you may hold in your belly.

Didn’t they tell you?

YOU ARE Mother Nature.

You are filled with magic and power, and emotions.

You are all the good that you see in the world.

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You are the world.

So now, love yourself. Because if you don’t, you’re not loving the world. You’re not loving the starry night sky. You’re not in love with the whales. You’re not loving the bold, big trees. And you most definitely don’t love your home.

So what will it be?

Isn’t it just so easy to love yourself?

When you remember who your self is.

She is Mother Nature. And she never stops or fails to give. She is never without love and growth. She is everything. And without her, there is nothing.

So love yourself. Every day, every minute.

Let the love radiate so bright that every time you stare into the world, into yourself, all you will see is love.

I am Love.

I am Water.

I am Fire.

I am Wind.

I am Earth.

And I can rage all these feelings into the world until I uncover and unearth my worth.

I am Mother Nature.

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