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I Bleed, And This Is Not My Weakness. This Is My Power.
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I Bleed, And This Is Not My Weakness. This Is My Power.

My body ebbs and flows, like the waves of the ocean.

She mirrors the moon, journeying from darkness into light.

The sun sets, nights follows, and with it an invite to reset.

As I bleed in the shadows I find stillness. It’s quiet here, and I can hear Her.

Not far in the distance, I can see a bridge. I walk it, back and fourth, from one world to the next. Returning each time with a womb full of wisdom.

I welcome in the new. Sewing the seeds of wisdom in my garden. Waiting patiently for them to bloom. But only when it’s time. For this is not a race.

I soak up the sunshine, and drink in the rain. Come what may. Because it takes both to feel grounded as I walk the earth. To nourish my roots, and help me reach the stars studding the night sky. To give me the wings I need to fly.

And when the moon is full, I illuminate with her.

Together, we dance, we sing, we expand. We celebrate all we have sewn. And feel gratitude for our harvest today, yesterday, and all our days before.

As I bathe in her light, my soul receives a divine awakening.

I am a powerful woman with mountains, oceans, and worlds flowing through me.

There is nothing I cannot do. No one I cannot be.

I reclaim my voice, sharing what I wish to call in.

And so it is.

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In time, Her light begins to wane. So I follow her lead, and slow down. I take rest.

My energy returns inward, and my body sheds the leaves she no longer needs.

My raging fire is cooling. No more than glowing embers remain.

And when it’s time, it goes out. The moon and I are in complete darkness once more.

A new wave of stillness washes over me. And I wait patiently to welcome in a new beginning.

I bleed, and this is not my weakness. This is my power.

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