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Trusting My Intuition Helped Me Create A Life I Love
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Trusting My Intuition Helped Me Create A Life I Love

trusting my intuition

Trusting my intuition hasn’t always come naturally to me.

The truth is, I ignored my intuition for over a decade, hoping she would disappear.

I stayed in a job I hated for much longer than I wanted to; while I built up my courage, a fuck off fund, and figured out an escape plan.

By this time, I was already writing most days – in the mornings, evenings, and weekends – submitting articles to various online publications, and working on my first book.

I always enjoyed writing when I was younger, and again when I wrote my dissertation at university, but I hadn’t really kept up any kind of regular practice since. But when I did pick it back up this time, it was different than before. I craved it, and it sung to my soul like nothing else had before.

There were so many pent up emotions, feelings, and thoughts that I brought awareness to and re-birthed into words as they spilled out onto the page. It felt like I was meant to be doing this; like this was going to be a huge part of my mission here on Earth, despite having no idea at the time what my mission was.

The more soul and spirituality work I did, the more I learned about the endless possibilities of living a beautiful life outside of the rat race.

And the more I evolved internally; the more my external world failed to meet the new life I was creating on the inside.

Days, weeks, and months passed, and as she always does, my intuition grew louder and clearer than I’d ever heard her before.

This is not for you any more. It’s time to go. Trust yourself.

At this point, she was practically screaming at me, and her voice would not go away. I couldn’t help but sit up and take notice. I could clearly envision what my future was going to look and feel like if I didn’t make some bold decisions. And that wasn’t a life I wanted.

But of course, trusting my intuition was not something I was used to doing.

Eventually, I found the strength and courage to say no to a life that was making me miserable, and yes to a whole new world of possibilities.

I made a life altering choice to walk through the open door that presented itself to me, not knowing where it would lead me, but knowing that if I didn’t, I would live to regret it for the rest of my life.

Trusting my intuition in that moment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life for the better.

I quit my job, started my own business, and I haven’t looked back since.

It hasn’t been easy.

There have been moments where nothing seems to be going my way, and I wished I hadn’t had an awakening at all.

I find myself questioning, was I crazy to choose this path? Was I crazy to listen to an inner knowing, and allow that to greatly re-shape my entire life?

It’s easy to continue on living happily in the matrix when you don’t realise you’re in it. But once you know you’re in a prison and there’s something else out there, all you can think about is what if I get out?

I now find myself in a continuous soul stretch, always learning, always evolving, always awakening further and deeper; because once you say yes, you’re saying yes to a lifetime.

I do often wonder, what if I hadn’t chosen to say yes?

There would be books still unwritten; circling in my mind. Passion sizzling and smouldering beneath the surface. Retreats that were never conceived or birthed. New countries left unexplored. So many women’s lives I would never have touched.

And that’s life.

That’s the difference between choosing to go left, or carrying on straight ahead.

We make choices like this every day.

But how many do we make from a place of fear? And how many do we make from our soul?

Do you trust your intuition to guide you?

How many times have you gone against what your inner voice was telling you, only to look back in hindsight and think you made the wrong decision?

Maybe it was in a relationship, and something was telling you to leave . But you chose to stay, out of fear of being alone.

Maybe it was in a friendship, and something was whispering not to trust this person. But common sense told you to trust.

Or maybe it was in your career, and something was telling you leave it all and hop on a plane . But you listened to the voices of those around you, and put your dreams on hold.

Whether it was a big or a small choice, how may times have you ignored that wise woman knowing in your belly?

When was the last time you did tune in to her whispers, and follow her signals? Can you even remember an occasion when you did?

If you can, think about how that situation played out.

How did that decision feel when you made it?

What felt different about it compared to when you made a decision without your intuition to guide you?

And what was the outcome? Do you have any regrets?

Many women aren’t familiar with how their inner voice communicates with them, or how they can best tune in to her. Working with our intuition is just like any other skill we want to become adept at. We must practice, and with time, our skills grow stronger and sharper.

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We all start off as beginners, so don’t feel as though you must be doing something wrong if you don’t feel attuned to her immediately.

Be patient and loving with yourself, and trust that in time she will show up.

She always does.

Something as simple as sitting in stillness, and just being open to receive is enough of a catalyst to get things in motion, and establish a connection with your inner voice. This is the art of being in action again.

There are many ways she can show up: as an internal message, a sound, a thought, a visual image, or a feeling. Get curious. Ask as many questions as you like. Wait and see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear. Let all the layers of dust and dirt that have fallen on and covered your intuition over the years, slowly wash away. All that will be left is your soul truth.

Your intuition, or womb wisdom as it’s often known, is one of our superpowers as women; which is gifted to us at birth. Sadly, many of us become distant from this gift. Because we’re taught by our present society that is has little to no value.

Trusting my intuition was something I had to figure out and learn about for myself. Because it’s one of the many inner practices that isn’t valued in our world. So there’s no Intuition 101 class at school where we got taught about what intuition is. So we don’t know how we can embrace it and use it for the gift it is in our lives.

Logic vs. intuition

This is why we feel unable as women to show up, for example, in a boardroom meeting, and make a decision based on a strong, intuitive feeling that we should. Everyone will be asking for the facts – the ones we can physically see and therefore prove – to back it up.

We learn that it is not logical to quit our six figure salary corporate job, and book a one way ticket to Costa Rica. It is not logical to try and carve a career out of our passion, when we know most people struggle for decades as starving artists. And it’s not logical to meet a stranger, and believe that they’re meant to be a significant part of your future. It is not logical to sell everything you own, uproot yourself from the town you’ve always known, and make a life some place else. It is not logical to think you’re going to marry someone who you’ve only known two weeks.

But logic is not what we always need.

Sometimes, we need no more than an inner knowing, and this is our intuition at play.

I want you to know that just because you can’t rationally explain these inner feelings and signs you receive, it doesn’t mean they’re not valid. They’re just as valid as anything written in a text book, or proven by a bunch of researchers wearing long white coats in a lab. Intellect has it’s place in this world. But there is a much stronger force at work that cannot be trumped by anything.

That force is nature

Your intuition as a woman is written into your soul, and gifted to you at birth. This is what makes it so sacred. This is also the very reason why it is feared by so many, and ridiculed. Because it cannot be explained in a logical way.

That threatens a lot of people in this world, so they try their best to detach us from it. Because when we’re connected to our womb wisdom, we become potent, fiery, uncontrollable forces of nature.

Trusting my intuition was one the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.

I continue to allow her to guide and to lead me in all areas of my life today. She is always with me, like the wise Goddess-Mother I never had. Watching, showing, and reassuring me.

Get to know your inner voice. Hear her. Trust her. Allow her to guide you on your journey here.

She will not lead you astray.

She will guide you home.


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