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There Is Beauty In Your Brokenness
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There Is Beauty In Your Brokenness

there is beauty in your brokenness

There is beauty in your brokenness. In the fragile feeling of maybe falling to pieces, with one more poke or prod or punch. In the vulnerability of allowing your tears to flow freely down your face. And in the sweet surrender of giving in, for a moment, to your struggle.

There is beauty in the way your heart aches, on the day you decide it’s over. Beauty in the struggle between what your heart craves, but knows it can no longer bear. And the completion of this chapter, and the hopefulness of new possibilities you’re yet to meet.

There is beauty to be found in the sadness, of knowing you will never see someone again. Knowing you will never get to say hello, or I love you, or goodbye, again. And the knowing that however hard you wish upon the stars for a miracle, your wish will go un-granted.

There is beauty in the one who has almost given up. On herself, on others, and on the universe. But still, she hasn’t. Still, she’s here. And all it takes is one impossibly beautiful sunrise. One warm smile from a total stranger. One glimmer of hope and of happiness. That’s all the sign she needs to know she’s meant to stick around. That she’s meant to be here. And it’s not time to give up yet.

There is beauty in your brokenness.

There is beauty in the acceptance of mistakes, and regrets that cannot be erased. In the self awareness of having strayed from the truth and light of your soul. In the pursuit of making wrong things right again. And in the consciousness of the promise not to repeat them, and to do better, and be better from today.

There is beauty in the games your mind plays with you. The way it tricks you into thinking nothing will ever get better. The way it lures you into a swamp of dark thoughts and memories; a place where you’ll drown unless you’re willing to fight your way out. But there is beauty in knowing that you can fight your way out. Because your mind can only hold power over you that you hand over.

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There is beauty in falling with an earth shattering thud to the ground, knowing there are no lower depths than this to come. Cocooned in the bitter sweet comfort of knowing the only way from here is up. Mustering what little strength you have left to pick yourself up off the floor, limb by limb, and start again. Try again. Explore a new path.

Because that is all any of us can do.

You see, there is much beauty to be found in your brokenness; in your unapologetic humanness. Because there is growth in the healing that follows. And there is strength in the scars that will remain, forever etched on your heart.

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I read Bloom in one night. I started feeling hopeless and pushed down. Shani picked me up, dusted me off, and guided me to self-love in a few short hours with only print. Truly inspiring - Rebecca Barnoff


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