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Are You Living A Life Of Harmony, Or Are You Out Of Balance?
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Are You Living A Life Of Harmony, Or Are You Out Of Balance?

living a life of harmony

Are you living a life of harmony, or are you feeling out of balance?

Many of us in the world today are living unbalanced lives. But we don’t realise it, or we’re in complete denial.

How has this happened?

Because we place higher importance and value on certain elements of life, while ignoring or devaluing the rest.

The general theme tends to be external elements get most of our attention and focus, while internal elements place second, or not at all.

What are these external and internal elements?

External elements:

  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Family
  • Social life
  • Play

Internal elements:

  • Your heart
  • Mind
  • Physical & mental health
  • Self care
  • Inner growth
  • Rest
  • Self development

When we’re in our teens and twenties, dating and romantic relationships, along with our social life, tend to be a large focus. We’re dipping our toes into this world of possibility for the first time, and everything feels electric and thrilling.

From our early twenties, work becomes a huge priority (as well as occupying a large chunk of our time each day), and for some of us this continues until we retire. We pour our energy into climbing the corporate ladder, or growing our business, often so we can gain more money, status, and/or power.

Women are often consumed by having and tending to their family; and men too, but sometimes less so. Women tend to do more than half of the work when it comes to looking after children, as well as cooking, cleaning, and other household chores.

All of these are external elements. And they make us feel important; like we’re doing something valuable with our fleeting time, and we have something physical to show for it at the end of the day, week, or year.

It’s a tug of war between doing versus being, and doing continues to come out on top.

We can say, I worked so hard this week, and I received $5000 into my bank account, and that feels really good.

Or, I had such a great time on Friday night getting absolutely hammered with the girls, it was so much fun!

Or, I fed, changed, bathed, and played with little Lily today; and I tidied the house in-between, and doesn’t it look nice?

While the internal elements of our life go ignored. Because things like rest and self care and your heart aren’t tangible.

We can’t measure this kind of growth, and we have nothing physical to show for the time and energy we devote to them. So we don’t bother, or we try to half-heartedly squeeze them in here or there.

We don’t give ourselves the love and attention we deserve. Our lives are devoted to external achievements or making other people happy. And it’s no surprise that we feel off balance, stressed, and exhausted. We’re over-worked, and malnourished—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Are you making your health a priority? Are you investing your resources in developing yourself? And are you strengthening your intuitive muscle, and listening to your heart?

Are you making time to take care of yourself, and replenish your well? Are you getting enough good sleep each night? And are you making sure you’re following your true soul path in this lifetime?

Because all of these things—all of these internal elements—are just as important as the external ones. We need both for true harmony and balance in our world.

So if you feel off-centre, unsteady, or out of flow, look to all these elements that fill your time each day.

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Are you living a life of harmony, or are you out of balance?

Do you tend to focus more on external elements, or internal ones?

Which specific elements tend to get the least focus from you?

Pick a few that need more of your attention, and begin there.

Think about one thing you can do today to bring your life back into harmony.

And remember, this is a lifetime practice.

Some weeks, certain elements will require more of our time and focus, and that’s okay. Just as long as you’re making time and creating space for all of them, over your days, weeks, and months.

Check in with yourself regularly to see how you feel, and what you need. And love and respect yourself enough to give yourself those things. Because what goes on inside is just as important as what goes on out there, and vice versa.

It all matters.

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