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Decluttering Will Clear Your Energy Field & Make Space For Abundance
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Decluttering Will Clear Your Energy Field & Make Space For Abundance

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There’s a reason why decluttering your physical space feels so good. It declutters your mind, clears your energy field, and creates space for new and exciting things to come your way.

I used to be such a hoarder; keeping anything and everything, even if I hadn’t used it or glanced at in the past year. Clothes, shoes, old sketchbooks from school, bills and receipts, random ornaments I’d collected over time; the list goes on.

But one day, I realised how suffocated I felt by all this stuff I’d accumulated, and was clinging onto. So I began clearing things out, starting with my closets. I then began to do this more regularly; a couple times each year. Each time, I got more ruthless.

And I started to notice how much lighter I felt. It was liberating to know exactly what I owned, and to feel that everything was organised and in its place. It enabled me to let go of the past, and step fully into the present, and keep moving forward with my life. Decluttering is definitely a form of therapy; helping you make peace with memories and emotions you’ve been carting around that do not serve you.

Since settling into my own flat, I’ve been really conscious about what I’ve brought with me, and what else is allowed in. Because the environment we live in matters; so much more than you might think. Every object carries energy, and has a vibration. And this energy effects us on a subtle level, because we attach ourselves to everything we own.

Here are some of the many ways decluttering will revitalise your energy, and create space for abundance to flow in.

Decluttering clears stagnant energy

One of the basic principles of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, is that objects and the positioning of them will either promote or block the flow of positive energy. And we need this flow of energy to feel happy, healthy, and abundant.

Clutter, along with any stuff you don’t use or love, prevents that flow of energy and causes a build up of stale energy. You’ll feel stuck, uninspired, and sometimes exhausted when you’re surrounded by this energy. Every day living will feel like a chore, and as though you’re always pushing against the current instead of flowing seamlessly with it. But life doesn’t need to feel this way.

Comparatively, a clear and minimalist space allows energy to circulate freely, and creates a calmer, more peaceful environment. You’ll feel expansive, free, and like you’re able to think clearly and breathe fully again.

We all know it feels really good when we have a big clear out, and it makes sense when we look at it from an energy perspective.

You have to clear out the old to make space for the new. Fresh, free-flowing energy allows for more ideas to flow to you, more clarity, and more wealth to come in.

Your outer space is a reflection of your inner space

You may not realise it, but if you live in a cluttered environment, this is probably having an effect on how you feel on the inside.

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or constantly busy? As if there’s an invisible whirlwind constantly driving its way through your house and life, causing havoc?

If we hold on to junk in our physical space, we’re likely to hold on to junk mentally and emotionally, too.

Get rid of the clutter around you, and you’ll naturally let go of anything you’ve been storing in your mind. This includes anxiety, negative thoughts, and limiting stories.

Regardless of how busy you think you are, make time to declutter; in your home and your office space.

See what happens when you do.

Decluttering is an act of self-care

Having a lot of clutter means you’re in a state of avoidance and/or denial. There are decisions that need to be made, actions to be taken, and things to be dealt with; all of which you may have been subconsciously (or purposely) putting off.

And this shows a lack of self-care.

Having to look at so much stuff all the time keeps you in a state of anxiety and unease. You never fully feel relaxed or centred; and how can you when you’re surrounded by all this unfinished business?

The less physical stuff you have, the less chaotic you’ll feel. But you have to face temporary discomfort to get there. That means looking at objects that bring up things from the past you’d rather forget. Each one you face and clear away will help you detach, and make space for the new to come in.

So many people find that when they do get rid of clutter, they suddenly lose a lot of weight they were previously unable to shift. This is because their body has been able to clear out toxins and energy it has been storing and clinging onto.

You deserve to live and work in a space that brings you joy and harmony, and makes you feel good. Sometimes self-care is uncomfortable in the moment, but you have to go through this to get to experience the true reward.

Your intuition will show up more clearly

Your intuition is kind of like a sixth sense, and one of your superpowers as a woman. But it’s incredibly hard to hear your soul guiding you on your path when there are tonnes of obstacles in the way, clouding your judgement.

When you have more space around you, you’ll have more space in your mind to think clearly, calmly, and with fresh perspective. And this will serve you when you’re making small, every day decisions, right the way through to life-changing ones.

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It makes your home feel like a real sanctuary

Decluttering your space won’t just clear your energy field, it will also help your home feel like a peaceful sanctuary.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, yet so many of us neglect them, and allow them to become no more than a dumping ground for all our junk.

I went back to my parents home at the weekend to pack up some things I’d left there, and was overwhelmed by the amount of clutter. Every room is full of junk that isn’t being used, and isn’t serving anyone. All it’s doing is weighing everybody down.

Your home should feel blissful. You should look forward to coming home after being at work, or on holiday, and spending hours relaxing there. And if you’re not, then something has gone wrong along the way.

Decluttering your home is a beautiful way to honour and appreciate it. Even if you don’t have a large budget to re-decorate, or make it Pinterest worthy, you can always spend time clearing out and tidying things up. This simple act will work wonders, and breathe a new lease of life into any space.

Where should you begin decluttering?

If you’ve been collecting clutter for decades, it can be overwhelming thinking about where to begin. But there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Do what feels the least stressful, and most manageable for you.

So maybe that means spending ten minutes each day for the next month tackling smaller spaces. Or if you prefer, dedicate an entire weekend to having a huge purge. This always feels really good, so if you can find the time I’d recommend doing this. Line up something fun for yourself once you’re done, and use this as motivation to keep going.

My rule is, if I haven’t used it in the last year, and it doesn’t bring me joy when I hold it or look at it, then it has to go.

Decluttering always feels so good!

There really is no drawback to having a good clear-out. Decluttering your space will revitalise your energy field, make you feel lighter, healthier, and more vibrant.

There’s the added bonus of donating what you no longer want or need to somebody who does. I’ve cleared out countless items of clothing that had never been worn and still had the tags on, and donated them to a local charity shop. Those items I don’t really care about are going to being someone else so much joy.

You’ll notice all areas of your life improve. Your physical and mental health, your relationships, work and money, and creativity, too. Everything will seem to flow easier, life will feel more joyous and abundant again.

Once you experience the magic of decluttering your space, you’ll start being more conscious with what you buy and keep around you; and you’ll make time to check in regularly and let go of anything that no longer aligns with you.