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How To Make Your Space A Reflection Of Your Highest Self

make your space a reflection of you

The sanctuary of your life can only be felt through the sanctuary of your being.

Here we must discover the space we are in and the space that we want to be in.

It is not about action but observation. We want to know what the space looks like when you are in the energy of your most confident and joyful self.

How is your body? What are you doing? Who are you around?

We can ask ourselves these questions, but we never truly know the answers until we feel them.

The space that we desire to inhibit must touch our senses.

We must be in our body to let the space glide over and into us, charging us with the luminous beauty that is life.

We must make it a practice to constantly ask ourselves, what sort of invitation is this space I am in?

Your space is an invitation.

Does the invitation appeal to your divine fierce womanly self?

Does it make her body quiver with excitement?

Does it send ripples of love throughout her body?

If not, what would honor her?

Sometimes the space needs a simple clean; other times, a decluttering. When your space honors her, you can live her fully. The external and internal must meet.

For now, we begin with the external, since it can be a conduit for change promptly and easily.

Imagine your space was a reflection of your most confident, sensually connected self.

What would be different?

Set aside the how and imagine the luxurious elements that you can create.

Do you need pictures of Goddesses on your wall, candles in each room, a day bed set about by the window? What would light her up, so she has the space to play, create, and be herself?

Sometimes, there is no significant change that is needed but a subtle soft shift. I have found that there are things that a person wants to call in, maybe a new pen or cozy teapot, but they haven’t taken the time to do so.

This is the time to call it in and breathe life into the things that you want. This is the time to adorn yourself in the temple of your home and environment.

Make it feel how you’d like it to feel.

Prioritizing your space to be conducive to the energy of your High Priestess of Paradise will help bring her out.

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Please note that clearing your space is especially crucial if you want to bring in something you desire or dream of. By clearing your space, you invite the new to emerge.

What do you need to release to fully embody your sensually divine and fiercely connected woman in this space?

Romance your senses. Create your own beauty. Reclaim your space energetically.

Journal prompts for reclaiming space:

How would I like to feel in my environment?

What do I want to make space for in my life?

How does my inner Goddess want to show up today?

What prevents my Goddess from showing up in that way?

What do I need to clean up my space?

What loving objects are calling me to be brought into my space?

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