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I Am Not Waiting For A Ring On My Finger
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I Am Not Waiting For A Ring On My Finger

I Am Not Waiting For A Ring On My Finger

I am not waiting for a ring on my finger.

I am not waiting for a man to decide I’m worthy by making me his.

I am not seeking security or wholeness in the shape of a piece of paper that promises forever.

You may see my naked hand and feel pity, assuming I am incomplete.

And I cannot contain my laughter, as it erupts from my belly.

Because my nakedness is my freedom. And my life is already full, with love and fire and magic.

I am not looking for a keeper. Someone to pull me back in line and tame the wildness out of my bones. Someone to pay my way and make me a good woman.

I am not looking to continue a tradition, just because this is what we do now.

My mind is no longer chained, and my beliefs are my own.

The church is not my God, since I’ve discovered a whole universe within my soul.

You have one too.

They have tried to keep you from uncovering it, by beating and shaking and burning it out of you. But somewhere deep within, you remember.

Your soul is stirring, your heart is opening, and you are waking from millenniums of slumber.


A ring is not what I need, nor a husband to go along with it.

What I need is myself.

To uncover the shards of myself that have been lost along the way. To piece myself back together, back to wholeness. And to carry the belief with me that I am infinitely enough on my own.

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A ring is no match for a sovereign woman.

What I need, if I choose, is a partner. A true equal. A commitment that is made in the stars. One that is bound by love, respect and trust. Communication, loyalty, and kindness.

Someone who will not speed ahead or lag behind, but walk by my side. The choice to grow together, encouraging one another to rise each day. And the understanding that if one day this begins to fade, we will part ways. We will let each other go.

No, I am not waiting for a ring on my finger.

I have dreams to pursue, adventures that call my name, and a path I was born to walk on.

This is what I’m here for.

Keep your ring. I do not need it, nor do I want it.

If you think this woman can be bought or tamed, think again.

This woman belongs to herself. This woman is free.

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