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I Know I’ll Be Okay If I Don’t Achieve The Success I Dream Of
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I Know I’ll Be Okay If I Don’t Achieve The Success I Dream Of

if i don't achieve success

Success is a funny thing.

It means different things to all of us. Yet when we look at someone else’s life, we usually only measure their success by the same few things: how much money they have, and how famous they are.

That’s it. That’s how we deem whether someone was a success or not.

If you don’t have at least $1 million in the bank, hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, or people talking about you in magazines and papers; in most people’s eyes, you haven’t made it. You’re not a success.

So many of us adopt society’s ideas of success as our own, without giving it some real thought.

What does success really look and feel like for you?

Maybe it means an abundance of money—considerably more than you have now. Running your own business. Having kids and being a mum. Owning your own house. Being able to afford organic food. Breaking a world record. Being able to go shopping and not look at the price tags. Inventing a product that changes the world. Having the freedom to work from home.

Success looks and feels different to all of us. But most of us don’t take the time to stop and give it enough thought.

For me, success is running my own business, and being in complete control of how much money I can make, and my schedule. It’s feeling abundant every day, in every way. Having the freedom to work from home. And doing something with my life that fills me with purpose and passion, and empowers women at the same time. Being creative every day, having time to write, and also plenty of down time to spend with my loved ones, and continue to explore the world.

And the truth is, although I haven’t achieved all the things I want to yet, I’m already there.

I already feel successful every day.

Because I get to wake up each morning with the man I love. I get to design my own schedule, and write every day. I run my own business. And that business—although still in its startup stages—is already having a positive impact on women around the world. I’ve written and published books that have empowered and healed women, I’ve led retreats, and I’ve travelled the world. And I only just turned 30 last month.

Every day, I’m following my soul, and doing the work I know I came here in this lifetime to do.

But naturally, all those goals and intentions that I’ve already manifested have now been replaced with more ambitious intentions and dreams.

And that got me thinking yesterday, what if, twenty years from now, I haven’t achieved the kind of success I dream of?

What if I haven’t written and published a book that makes the New York Times Bestseller list? 

What if my business doesn’t grow into a multi-million dollar company?

And what if She Rose Revolution doesn’t become a household name? 

Will I be okay with that? Or will I be crippled with feelings of failure?

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And as difficult as it may be to not have reached the levels of success I dream of, I realised I will be okay.

I will be.

Because today, in this moment, I’m living the life I want to live. I might not have as much money or as grand of a platform as I’d like; but day to day, I’m doing all the things I want to do.

I got myself out of a 9-5 job I came to hate in the fashion industry, and swapped it for running and leading my own soul-centred business. I have already helped inspire and empower thousands of women around the world; through my articles, books, and retreats.

And I’m trying, you know? I’m going after my dreams and my goals every day. Every day, I take one small step closer to where I want to go.

And most importantly, I’m evolving every day. My soul is stretching, I’m pushing my boundaries, and I’m learning and growing so much, every day.

So whatever happens tomorrow, next year, or ten years from now, doesn’t really matter. Because I will continue to show up and do my part every day. And after that, it’s out of my hands. It’s up to the universe.

I’ll be okay if I don’t achieve the success I dream of. Because I’m no longer attached to it. And I trust that I am being led where I am meant to go. What comes my way is meant to, and what doesn’t was never meant to be mine; at least not in this lifetime, anyway.

What is for me will not pass me by. And what is meant for you, will not pass you by.

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