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People Will Be Unsettled By Your Growth, But Keep Growing
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People Will Be Unsettled By Your Growth, But Keep Growing

People Will Be Unsettled By Your Growth, But Keep Growing She Rose Revolution

Four years ago, I was working as a fashion designer for one of the UKs leading high street fashion chains.

And I was miserable, to say the least.

I knew I wasn’t in the right place, but I didn’t know what that place looked like, or where it was hiding.

Unbeknown to me, I was going through a period of deep transformation and vast growth.

Each day, I was tuning into my intuition a little more, and allowing her to guide me forward in my choices. Each day, I was getting to know myself more intimately, on a soul level.

I started writing again in my mornings and evenings, just for me, from my bedroom. And I began to find a home for my words online.

I was listening to a variety of inspiring podcasts, reading lots of self-development books, and trying to find my way to things that truly fulfilled me and stoked my fire.

I was questioning and unlearning almost everything I’d been taught; creating new, empowering beliefs that propelled me forward.

And this unsettled certain people around me.

Co-workers, managers, and even friends.

News of my writing was whispered from mouth to ear, spreading like wild fire amongst the frailest trees.

One thing was said to my face, with another said behind my back.

At the time, I was angry. Angry with people poking their unwanted noses in my business, thinking they had a right to sniff around and judge. And angry for the lack of support and encouragement from people I thought wanted me to shine.

Between then and now I quit my job, reached millions with my words, wrote and published numerous books, started my own business, and travelled the world.

I’ve grown more in the past four years than I have in my entire lifetime. That’s what going it alone will do for you. And I’ve had plenty of time to reflect. All I’ve witnessed and learned has been transmuted into wisdom.

The woman I am today is stronger, more aware; and can look back on those times with new perspective and clarity.

I can see that I was growing. I was uncomfortable with remaining comfortable; and was climbing out of the invisible box. I was becoming less tolerable of feeling like another number, taking orders, and being surrounded with other people’s toxic energy. I was rapidly transforming my inner world; which meant my outer world began to fit me less and less as the days went on.

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I was hungry for more, I wanted better for myself, and I believed I deserved it.

For many people, my behaviour and my energy was unsettling.

Because it made them feel small, and it threatened their limiting stories. Because it’s not what most people do. And because they thought, who is she to think she can rise above all this, and all of us?

Who is she to think she can be better, and do better?

Who is she to grow like that?

The funny thing was, I never wanted to leave them behind. I wanted them to come with me, to rise with me. I don’t want anyone to stay small.

But some people are not ready to give up their stories. Their limiting thoughts, which become their toxic habits, which become their self-sabotaging actions.

Some people are just not ready to grow. And when you are growing, and you’re surrounded by people who are not, there is likely to be friction. Feelings of jealousy and resentment arise. Their arms will reach up, trying to claw you back down to their level; any way they can.

Keep going. Keep growing, and reaching for the stars above. Don’t look down. Don’t be unsettled.

This is all a part of your journey of growth.