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This Is What I Came Here For
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This Is What I Came Here For

shani jay

Sometimes I wonder what the fuck I’m doing here. On Earth, I mean.

I am certain I am a starseed from another planet, maybe even another galaxy, and dimension. And ever since I can remember, I have been chronically sensitive and intuitive, to the point where I internalize everything and feel it deeply like tidal waves through my entire being.

So my journey on Earth in this lifetime has been testing. Being born into a human family where there is very little human or soul connection and I’m the black sheep. Sitting with all the suffering and injustices, and inhumanity around the world. Feeling like things are getting worse instead of better. Starting as a hopeful optimist and learning the unfortunate lesson that most people will fall short of your wild expectations; most people will disappoint you; hell, maybe you will disappoint you. Even just writing that breaks my heart a little.

But, after a lifetime of seeking, learning, and evolving, I know why I am here. I understand why my soul chose to come here, to incarnate in this lifetime, on this planet.

I am here to be of service. I am here to bring the light back. I am here to heal. I am here to uncover ancient feminine wisdom and help women, and men, reclaim their divine feminine and masculine essence. I am a Priestess and have been serving and healing in my parallel lives. So it is not true to say that I am learning, but I am remembering. I am remembering what my soul already knows, and as I do, I am sharing it with the world. With all of you reading this now and in the future.

This is my soul mission, my soul purpose, and it is challenging on many levels. Because it can be very lonely and isolating, feeling like you do not belong here and never have. Because there is a huge dark shadow trying to pull me (and you) into grids of suffering and scarcity. Because success for my soul does not necessarily match society’s definition of success. Because it requires me to be fully in alignment and in integrity with my soul every minute of every day. And that’s hard in a world that constantly tries to shove you into a box, silence you, and make you feel like an alien for not conforming to the status quo.

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But this is what I came here for. This is what my soul signed up for. This is my soul’s destiny.

I have to trust that my soul knew what it was doing, that the Universe knew what it was doing when I was given my mission and assigned here on this shadow-coated planet. And each day, I choose to make choices that help me fulfill my soul destiny, even when those choices are hard and require me to walk the path less traveled, in midnight darkness, with no more than my intuition to guide me.

Because this is what I came for.

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