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To The Countries Who Refuse To Be Pro-Choice
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To The Countries Who Refuse To Be Pro-Choice

To The Countries Who Refuse To Be Pro-Choice - She Rose Revolution

To the countries who refuse to be pro-choice: it is not your choice to make.

It is not your choice to tell women how they should live their lives, or what their future should look like.

It is not your choice to decide which life is more valuable than the other, and force a woman to dance with death.

It is not your choice to ram your archaic religion and politics down our throats, and refuse to accept differing points of view.

This is not what freedom looks like. This is not what a free world looks like. This is control, and oppression, and patriarchy at its ugliest; hanging on the edge of a cliff, clinging on for dear life.

Religion has become a get-out clause; a way for backward thinking and misogynistic beliefs to continue being passed down through generations.

Women should not be able to own property, or drive. Sex before marriage is taboo; sex in general is taboo if you’re a woman. No, you can’t marry that person from a different race or religion. Having a baby out of marriage is sinful. You must get married so that you can be passed over from your father to your husband, and have no independent rights. Having an abortion makes you a murderer. Women should cover themselves up in front of men. Women should be quiet and submissive and look pretty. You should give men sex when they want it because they can’t control themselves or their desires, but if you do, we hope you know you’re damaged goods; impure, dirty, and worthless.

When are we going to come out and say it; that religion is no more than an old boys club. It directly disempowers at least half of the population, and inadvertently the rest.

Unfortunately, you are entitled to an opinion, no matter how depraved it may be; because we are all entitled to one. But that’s where it ends. You do not get to over-ride my opinion, or my choices. This is my birth right.

You will never know what it’s like.

You will never know what it’s like to have your rights and your freedom stripped away from you in the middle of the night. To feel trapped in a town, a relationship, or a life you never willingly chose or agreed to. And to know that no matter how loud you shout or scream, nobody is listening, nobody cares, and no one is coming to save you.

You will never know what it’s like, and I think that’s why you refuse to change.

Stop meddling in issues you cannot begin to fathom. Stop trying to control and herd people, the way you do cattle.

Innocent animals are senselessly bred for slaughter every day, to meet man’s “need” for meat. We know those animals are living, breathing beings. They have heartbeats, and they feel things, and they want to live. Nobody thinks twice. Nobody cares.

This is the way.

But when a woman wants to terminate an un-born baby?

Murderer. Baby killer. Jail her.

That’s what they say.

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To the countries who refuse to be pro-choice: if you are not pro-choice, then you are not pro-women.

If you are not pro-women, then you are against us; you are making yourself the enemy. And you are playing with fire, and you are about to get burned.

Your churches are crumbling, for they were built on foundations of lies and oppression and greed.

Your governments are trembling, for they know we are growing louder and stronger day by day.

Your power is dwindling, because we’re waking up to and reclaiming the power we’ve held inside ourselves all along. The power you tried to steal and teach us was not there.

Your time is almost up, and your numbers are shrinking, along with your control.

And soon, some day very soon, you will be left with no choice. No choice but to concede and change. To repent for all the suffering you’ve orchestrated and the women’s lives you’ve destroyed. Or be left behind with your degenerative ways.

And you will finally understand what it’s like to not have a choice.

You will be the one who has no choice.

It is not, it never has been, nor will it ever be your rightful choice to make. This is not your life.