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Today I Am Grateful
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Today I Am Grateful

Today I Am Grateful She Rose Revolution

Today, I am grateful.

I am grateful for the cosy duvet of clouds, cocooning my body as I woke. The warmth and softness of the cotton brushing against my skin, as the wheel edges closer to winter.

Today, I am grateful for the 15 minutes of stillness, as I perched on the edge of my bed, and connected to my breath. Inhaling, exhaling; allowing thoughts to come and then go. Grounding and centering myself, before I let the outside world in. Choosing how I wish to begin my day; choosing peace and self care.

I am grateful for my soul partner. The one I awoke next to, after a night of cuddles and shared dreams. The one who hugged me good morning; and said I love you before anybody else got a chance. The one who massaged my neck after I told him it was full of crinks. The one I watched the sky go from pitch black to light with, as the moon bid farewell to the sun.

I am grateful for the organic lemon green tea I sipped on first thing, and the sweet vanilla syrup shot laced later in my coffee. I am grateful for the perfectly cooked boiled egg, that I dipped my toast soldiers into to break my fast. And the abundance of delicious food that fills my fridge and cupboards; then my belly.

I am grateful for being alive. For waking up to a brand new day; a fresh start, and a new opportunity to grow and create and love. For the breath filling and fuelling my body. And for my beautiful, healthy body.

Today I am grateful.

I am grateful that I get to sit here and write this. That I know how to write and read, and string words together to make colourful sentences that stir your soul; that I’ve discovered what stirs and feeds mine, too.

I am grateful for time. The 14 or so hours left in today, and the hundreds of thousands I’ve been blessed enough to live. And I promise I’ll try and make the most of each minute. To really live, because not everyone gets that chance.

I am grateful for money. The way it continues to flow to and through me. For the strong foundation it allows me to build, and grow. And for the freedom it offers me to go anywhere, and do almost anything I dare to dream of.

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Today, I am grateful for my mind. The clearness and clarity with which my thoughts circulate. The memories and information I’m able to recall at the click of my fingers. And the seamless communication between my brain and my tongue.

I am grateful for my voice. The way it pitches high when I’m buzzing with excitement, and gets caught in my throat when I’m hurting. With my voice, I can speak my mind. I can say fuck yes and hell no and maybe. I can enjoy conversations with strangers. And I can share my unique perspective with the world.

Today, I am grateful, for so many things. More than I stop to think about most days.

What are you grateful for today?