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This Is The Power Of Writing For Women
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This Is The Power Of Writing For Women

This Is The Power Of Writing For Women She Rose Revolution

The power of writing is real.

Writing is how we record our experiences and valuable information; for future generations to read about, and learn from.

Writing is how we communicate with one another, whether it’s through a handwritten letter, an email, or a text message.

And perhaps most importantly, writing is how we make sense of our own thoughts and feelings.

When we spend ten minutes journaling, create an article for a publication, or even write a book; we are re-visiting our personal experience so we can share a story, and connect with our readers.

But in the process, we heal ourselves, we grow, and we’re able to create change in our lives.

There’s great evidence to suggest that women were the first of the sexes to create the first form of written language; a collection of symbols which were etched into cave walls, pottery, and stones.

Over tens of thousands of years, women wrote down ancient wisdom and truths about the feminine, creation and death, sacred sexuality, plants and herbs, the stars, and much more. But during the witch hunts, the Church burned all of it. They burned all of the books that didn’t align with the Bible, and their teachings. Then wrote and printed new books, almost all of which were written by white men.

And human beings were set back thousands of years because of it; while women were the ones most directly effected.

This is why the power of writing—for women in particular—is endless, and more important than ever.

We now have a chance to write everything down again; where it will be kept for our daughters, her daughters, and so on.

We have a duty—to both the women who came before us, and ourselves—to re-discover what has been forgotten, receive the gifts of this in our own lives, and share them.

This is the power of writing. And it’s available to you right now.

Writing helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level

Many of us devote the majority of our precious time and energy each day outside of us. On our jobs, our kids, and our physical world.

But how often do we take ten minutes to pause, and focus that energy inward?

Writing is a wonderful way to connect to yourself; whether you spend ten minutes journaling, or you write an article that you publish somewhere.

And through connecting to yourself, you get to know who you are on deeper, more intimate level.

Writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery, and the best part is it’s free.

Writing offers clarity & perspective shifts

When you take the time to connect to yourself, you’re then able to form new connections in your mind, as you reflect on what’s rising through you.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling really anxious lately, and you had put it down to being busy at work, but it’s actually because you’re not sure you want to stay in your job.

Or maybe you’ve been feeling disconnected from your partner, and the root of this is that you’re disconnected from your self.

Writing offers us great clarity and shifts in perspective that we’re often unable to see, because it forces us to go to a deeper level inside ourselves; but in a gentle, un-intrusive way.

Writing is a way to channel your creative energy

Women and creativity have been inextricably linked since the beginning of time. Creative energy is innately a feminine energy, but over time, we’ve stopped prioritising our time to create.

We have convinced ourselves it’s selfish to take care of ourselves and our own needs. Many of us are so disconnected from our hearts that we feel creatively blocked. While other women don’t give themselves permission to be creative because they’ve been taught it’s a waste of time.

Writing is a gentle way to ease yourself back into the act of creating something beautiful from nothing. It will help move stagnant energy through you, to create space for the new. And it will help you feel alive and connected to the feminine within you.

This is the beauty and power that writing holds.

Writing helps you face your pain & discomfort, and heal

We’ve all experienced varying degrees of pain and trauma in our lives. Experiences we’ve repressed, memories that we still feel shame around, or even guilt we’ve been carrying for years.

Since I started writing regularly five years ago, I have experienced the power of writing things that scare you.

I’ve written about being bullied at school, struggling to be present when I’m having sex, and how I fear being raped. And every time I confront one of my fears or sources of pain, and write about it, I begin the process of healing.

Because when we face something, and bring it from the shadows into the light, it immediately loses power over us. And as we begin to write about it, its’ grip loosens even further.

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Remember, writing can just be for you. It can be kept private, in your journal, or on your computer. You don’t have to ever share it with anyone the way I do. It’s the act of writing that holds the greatest gifts.

Writing helps you connect with other women & help them heal too

If you do choose to share your writing—in an article you get published, or even through a book you write—you’re putting a piece of yourself out there in the world.

This requires you to be authentic and vulnerable, but it’s also an opportunity to reach and connect with other women.

When you share your story of overcoming a difficult challenge, it gives other women hope and inspiration to do the same.

When you write about your biggest fear, it helps other women feel less alone with theirs.

And when you write about how you’ve achieved a dream you had since you were little, it encourages other women to not give up on their own, and believe in themselves.

It’s true what they say: when you heal yourself, you help heal the world; often without knowing it.

My articles and books have collectively reached millions of women all around the world, and I continue to receive messages all the time of how my writing has helped inspire, empower, or heal them in some way.

So even when you think that the simple act of writing and sharing your story is insignificant, I promise you it’s not. It matters.

Writing can be a powerful catalyst for change

The pen (or keyboard in many cases!) is a far mightier tool than the sword.

Our words are powerful beyond measure, and the digital age we’re living in means that our words can be circulated more quickly and on a larger scale than we’ve ever known.

The feminine is collectively rising here on earth. But we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to reaching true equality, and reclaiming our forgotten power as women.

Writing is a way for us to get there, with fierce grace. We can transmute our rage into wisdom. We can collect and share ideas, new ways of thinking, tools for growth, and help each other rise.

This is the power of writing. These are just a handful of the many gifts that await you. And they’re available to us all today.