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Women, I See You Playing The Shadow Game
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Women, I See You Playing The Shadow Game

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You think I don’t see you, and others may not, but I do.

I see you.

I sense the intentions behind your actions; and the truth beneath your lies.

I feel your need to manipulate, out of fear of saying what you really want and need; because deep down, on some level, you don’t believe you’re worthy of it; and you’re afraid of what might happen if you do.

I know the insecurity that floods you, because it used to consume me, too. Someone somewhere told you you weren’t enough as you are, and in time, you learned to believe them. And now, in-authenticity has become second nature.

I understand why you walk this earth with a dagger clutched in your hands, hidden close to your chest; and I know why you use it. Because it wasn’t so long ago that this world wasn’t safe for a woman. It wasn’t so long ago we were all forced by men to turn on each other, out of fear of our lives. And we’ve all been left with a gaping trust wound.

I know why you always feel like the victim. That everyone is out to batter and bruise and use and abuse you; and you have no control over what happens to you in this life. Because our gender has been persecuted and oppressed for so long, that we’ve lost connection to our inner power.

And I forgive the cruel words you spit, like fire from your tongue, aiming at anyone who looks like an easy target. Because you have lifetimes of rage that has been churning and burning through your blood, just like I do, and sometimes you helplessly erupt.

I know the calculations running through your mind, and the moves you make as you play the game. A game you never knowingly signed up for.

Women, I see you, before you even see yourself. And trust me, I get it.

I understand why you’ve learned and chosen to live your life this way. Maybe it didn’t even feel like a conscious choice you made. But somehow, you’ve ended up here, believing this is the way; the only way.

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But it’s not.

You’ve become a shadow of your true self, in an attempt to mirror his darkness. But this is not your true nature. And you don’t have to play his childish game anymore.

You are free to walk away any time, and choose a different path. A path of light and maturity and grace. A path that is truly empowering; and serves you, as well as everyone around you, and the greater collective.

Women, walk with me today.