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If You Could Know How It Ends, Would You Really Want To?
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If You Could Know How It Ends, Would You Really Want To?

If You Could Know How It Ends, Would You Really Want To? - She Rose Revolution

I often wonder how other people see the world.

We cannot possibly see it in the same way. There must be infinite variations in how we see our purpose, journey, destiny.

They say what is meant to be, will find you, when it’s meant to happen; but that seems almost too comforting. Our minds question the validity of that sentiment and almost like clockwork, we begin to counteract the idea that maybe, just maybe, we’re on the right path.

It is almost against our nature to just let go.

We have this overwhelming desire to control, to analyse, to self sabotage.

Yet, it begs the question, how would we live our lives safe in the knowledge that every single one of our decisions, choices and events, despite how challenging they may seem, were the right ones? Privy to the fact we were on the right path; and that everything was happening for the sole purpose of leading us right to where we were meant to be.

Delving further, how would it impact our lives and thus, how we live them, if we knew the ending? If we knew that if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Would we want to know?

Nobody skips to the ending of a book. It’s the excitement, heartbreak, emotion and discovery that fills the pages in between that gives character. A book is a metaphor for life. We have a beginning, middle and end; nobody wants to read a soulless book.

Nobody has the benefit of looking through life’s lens until we get there. We only get this life once, and without a doubt we all get told that at some point; but I don’t think the true gravity of that sentiment can be grasped until we reach the end.

We’ll look back and wonder why we worried about trivial things. Why we wasted time doing things that didn’t truly make us happy. Why we didn’t always give our all to life.

Visualise yourself at that closing chapter, reading that book.

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What story do you want to tell?

What do you want to say you did, felt and saw that filled those pages in between?

Because those are the things you should be doing right now.

The world is an abundance of opportunities for the taking.

Move forward safely in the knowledge, everything will be okay. What’s meant to be will be.

And to let go, because some of your best times are yet to come.