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This Is How To Honour Yourself
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This Is How To Honour Yourself

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Out of all of the relationships you will have in your lifetime, the most important one is the one with yourself.

That is because you are the core that holds everything together.

When we honour ourselves, we are less likely to burn out, feel tired, anxious, and angry because we aren’t putting our needs first.

How you honour yourself will look different because we all have different needs and we are all unique individuals.

However, with that said, honouring yourself does require that you accept yourself entirely. The good and the bad. Your high and low moments. The perfect and the imperfect in you. Remember, we are all perfectly imperfect, and that is beautiful.

Honouring yourself means self-love. Putting your needs first and honouring that space.

However, for so many that can be challenging for various reasons.

Perhaps throughout your childhood, you were neglected and not heard. Maybe you were never held; truly held. And now you believe those dynamics are okay or you don’t know how to give yourself that love.

Perhaps you were told putting yourself first means you are selfish, now you feel guilty anytime you attempt to care for yourself. You feel judged by those who told you that lie.

Perhaps you’ve never been able to hold space for yourself because life has been hard on you. Because you’ve spent so much time trying to get by; trying to survive. Trying to escape an unhealthy environment.

Or you were born into circumstances that haven’t allowed you to show up for yourself. Instead, you’ve been on continuous flight or fight mode.

Perhaps your caregivers didn’t know how to honour themselves, because they were too busy navigating their trauma and life. Now that has also become your norm.

Or maybe you’ve been running around, always keeping too busy, that you don’t even know what honouring yourself means. Always occupied with everyone and everything but yourself.

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I want you to know that you can learn how to start honouring yourself.

Do it by taking the space and time to evaluate your needs. By paying attention to the way you feel. Stopping to take a deep breath.

What lights you up? What sets your soul on fire? What calms you? What brings you peace? What keeps you grounded? Find that and come back to it often; daily.

And when you do, plant your roots. Let them set deep down. Start to forgive yourself for all of the times you accepted things you did not want. Forgive yourself for any time you talked negatively about yourself. And show yourself compassion and love as well as understanding.

As you start to do that, those roots will grow a trunk, branches, and leaves. You’ll be strong, planted, and rooted; beautiful like a sequoia.

Create rituals that make you feel good. Give your self-time to settle into your body. Practice movement that softens your body, but empowers you. Give yourself space, and in that space, you’ll gain so much clarity.

Putting yourself first can be difficult in the beginning, because it requires establishing a relationship with yourself first. For so many that can be uncomfortable. But the rewards are out of this world, and firmly in your hands.