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Everything Changes The Moment You Choose Yourself
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Everything Changes The Moment You Choose Yourself

how to choose yourself

Growing up, we are taught to be selfless. Some people grow to be really confident and strong-minded, naturally putting themselves first and following their gut. Whereas for others, this is a difficult trait to learn.

Some people live to please others. They will go above and beyond for people they care about; they will let everyone else’s needs be placed above their own. They will work hard to ensure everyone around them is happy and satisfied, usually without even thinking of their own happiness and satisfaction.

If you are reading this, there’s a chance you’re like me. A girl who has dismissed her own feelings for such a long time and realizes that there is a need for change.

To the outside, you are a good person. You care for others and put their needs before your own. In fact, you rarely ever consider yourself.

You are afraid to speak up, you’ve never liked the sound of your own voice, but you never understood why. You spend a large portion of your life listening to others when you know truly well that the sounds echoing in your head are just as good, if not, sometimes better. It’s a shame that there are very few people whom you let listen in.

You’ve convinced yourself that you are no good when in reality, you are better than good; you’ve just talked yourself out of trying. The fear you hold of getting things wrong really affects you. It impacts every experience.

I wish you would just believe in yourself.

On the inside, you are full of confusion. The way you see yourself is so different from the way others see you. It’s heartbreaking that your views on yourself are so poor. You work hard and deserve everything you have in your life. The areas where you are weak would be improved if you only just believed in yourself.

Do you ever think that maybe the answer to your internal battles could be just to simply choose yourself every once in a while?

Listening to that voice in your head. Pursuing your wants and needs because they are yours, and you deserve to be happy, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks.

You don’t always need to find comfort in things that you once had; you have the power to create security in a whole new path if that’s what you desire. You, yourself, are enough to get you to whatever your heart calls for.

Do you want to move overseas?

The world is yours.

Do you want to break out of that toxic relationship?

The love you have for yourself is all the love you need right now.

Do you want to get a new job?

Your dream role is awaiting.

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We live in a world where opportunities are endless. The biggest lesson I have learned recently is that we are our own biggest barriers.

I have let the negativity of my own mind impact my happiness for far too long. I prided myself on being a people pleaser when in reality, I never really pleased myself. I have missed out on opportunities because I never put myself first. I never spent time creating boundaries so that I could protect myself and my feelings. Instead, my lack of boundaries has been a major cause of discomfort in life. I realize now that choosing me, my wants, and my needs is the most important thing.

Choosing you can be scary. It requires trust, confidence, and strength. Three things that we all have within us. Sometimes, we just need to dig a little deeper to remind ourselves that they are there.

The moment you choose yourself could be the moment everything just falls into place. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and fulfilled with your life. You’ll feel proud of yourself; you’ll feel empowered, and you will attract good vibes and energy.

Confidence radiates. It can take you further than you have ever been before. We are all in charge of our glow. It is our job to shine.

So, the next time you feel down about yourself, listen to your heart and body.

What do you really need?

And how can you choose yourself?

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